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Pop rock

As hinted yesterday by our GALERIE feature, made of the photos of Davy Van Laere and Hugo Snelooper, The Pop heads drop an edit celebrating their collab' with Carhartt, and use it as an excuse to team up and explore rural parts of Holland. No chance you would be tired of seeing those spots, yet! Maybe their best production, yet…

Blacks and whites

If in Paris tonight, this thirty-first of October, then let's meet as early as 6 PM at Carhartt WIP Store Paris Le Marais, for the launch of the brand's new collection, a collaborative effort with our Amsterdam homies over at POP Trading Company!
In order to get you amped for Friday's edit, you can already get in the mood via those photos by Hugo Snelooper and Dave Van Laere, above!


Tav' alert!

So, the actual idea that Remy Taveira might fucking talented on a skateboard comes as no scoop, that's for sure… But this Guillaume Perimony project for Carhartt WIP raises the bar quite high in the "Great part form Remy" category! And, for this one he's got a supporting cast that adds up seriously, as nobody seems into staying in the shadows. Let's notably note the Classiest Australian in the World, Josh Pall. Yep, this is very sick and perfect to kick off the week-end!

Buda heat

Most likely lured in by the RIOS fire, here we find three Belgian citizens in Budapest, and a great trio at that mixing both talent and diversity in their skill set… They even seem to be (more or less) unaffected by the heatwave they faced there.

The alpha and the omega…

Once again, the Öctagon heads demonstrate how strong minded they are, by following their original concept with a persistence one can only salute, just as well as all the talents involved. Not much more to add, apart maybe that from the skating to the editing, everything here is about impeccable, and even more!


The sequel to the Öctagon movie, and the nice skaters keep on turning the Matrix crazy by being free! All in the same parallel creative universe, and that's something to be stoked on, but, let's note the ollie out at the Louvre, attempted by many over the years, to no avail… We recognized Florian Merten as the spot killer, right?


Tinder Tour, Tinder Tour… For real, or? Will we ever get the goods on this? Most likely not, and who cares, anyway? What matters is that you get here to watch two completely different skaters, Gauthier Rouger and Bram de Cleen do their thing, and really well at that. As for the rest, we could care less…

Souvenirs de Futur

Well, looks like this one was custom made for us: Juan Saavedra and Santiago Sasson meeting a fine picked selection of some of our favorite skaters from Belgium and Holland on their spots, one could not dream of a better idea! Oh, yeah, actually, add Yoan Taillandier behind (and in front of) the lens! Seems like the Futur Inc really just get it. Hang on, it's a trip!


Now the first video project of Phil Zwisjen (who has been keeping himself busy behind the camera while hurt) can be seen without a code! And if you should know one thing about it, it is that he did a hell of a job, and considering his local scene, this is raw and fun skating, on spots that are more than raw! So, do not miss this… Hell, there is even a Hans Claessens featuring, now talk about a hero!

Out & About

Let's head North this morning, with the results of many visits to Antwerp, Particle style, in a quasi winter mood, and therefore perfectly timed… In the end, you are getting spots you've never seen, and many unknown faces to us or you, amongst the few famous locals. Perfect!

Post gabber!

Should Bram have gotten last trick? Is the hardware market ready for a brand influenced by Dutch dance floors? Is Öctagon the most refined and defined project you can watch these days? So many questions

The skatrix

Shame on us, by not subscribing to the #hypebeast newsletter, we completely missed the release of the new work from Joaquim Bayle, while we had been waiting for it! Because that guy is good at what he does, real good! His crew ain't bad either, from Édouard Depaz to Valentin Bauer. The pitch, real quick: the world might be saved from those bad computers by those uncontrolable skaterboys. No Keeanu Reeves featuring, but a lot of Bram de Cleen, and that matters a lot to us!


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