Nestor Judkins

In place

A little Who's Who of San Jose skateboarding, this edit is a nugget in terms of "homie vid'"… And, yes, Suciu does have a mini part in there, don't worry!

Pepper alert!

Thanks to hi-tech tools, our crew is instantly notified whenever appears on the interweb the one known as The Classiest Man in the World, AKA Joey Pepper… Yes, it did cost us an arm in fragile technology, but god was it worth it! Proof here with this trip around New-Zealand, far off destination if there is one, that really makes you want to find a tiny spot in the back of van to tag along… Monsieur Pepper reminds us all his ability to destroy all, while always giving the impression he hasn't broke a sweat doing it.

Tim O'Connor, uncut!

"Apparently, Mark Gonzales is a Diet Stan Smith!"… Tim O'Connor is an undisputed freestyle champ! Here are seven minutes of total improv' for the great video about The Man with the White and Green Shoe, featuring Nestor Adkins… He delivers!

Meeting… Nestor Judkins!

Not your usual showboat, Nestor still manages to start an acting career playing the role of Stan Smith and score an interview on this very site, all the same day!

Three stripes, three cities…

Hard to list all the neat skate maneuvers here, considering their amount and variety, but as usual, you will appreciate the diversity of the team, and above all of styles involved. One might not remember much from the arrival of Alec Majerus, but the absolute mastership of Rodrigo Teixeira will once again trigger your admiration, just as every time he steps on his board.

Triple ration

As usual, many great things all stamped by the Three Stripes, in this almost Madrid montage (the local will have recognized other location with fairer weather), and a few great moments like Benny's nollie nosegrind. You may wonder if Suciu will unlock a wave of "kickflip in the grass", and we'll salute the arrival of one of the most talented street skater of all times: Rodrigo Teixeira!

Far, far away

If you are still planning your summer, here is something to hype you up about not beating the same old path! This also doubles as a good reminder about two FACTS: ONE, Nestor Judkins is pure class, now matter how dirty he can get. TWO, Sean Malto is way more than just a Street League skateboarder.

They trippin'

Just for the fact that this montage avoids totally the demo footage that usually plaques this type of exercise, it would be worth the attention, but with a Charles Collet in rare form and a sparked Spanky, the skating is varied and exciting. Plus any chance to look at Nestor Judkins on his board should be taken advantage of! A definitive contestant for the “classiest man in the world” award…

Big Apple, big smoke!

The complete Adidas team in a photogenic location, you know it's gonna be good, and it for sure is! Everybody skates hard, including the newest addition here offically introduced: Mark Suciu. But what will remain, in the long run (pun intended), is the stealthiest line ever filmed on a skateboard while puffing on a cigarette, done effortlessly by Pete Eldridge. One that would make jealous even Dan Drehobl!


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