Faux vintage

You would have noticed by now, ut we are not necessarily that excited about contests, over here, but when the Pop Trading Company homies come up with the idea of replicating a "good ol' days" comp up to a T, from the obstacle to the general vibe, including the way it would be filmed, you know they are gonna come correct, and ended up making up miss the times when Flo Marfaing was reigning supreme on all things ledge and manual pads… Hmm, wait, we are being told that he is actually repping hard in this!

Seoul Hills

Today, in my humble opinion, the converse team has one of the most beautiful and most marked identity of what the current skate scene proposes us. Each new video is a real pleasure for the eyes. "Uphill" filmed by James Cruickshank in the sublime cityscapes of Seoul and its surroundings is not lacking. But this time, we can fully appriciate Juan Virues in Olympic form that completes perfectly this Picture.

Mad tech, yo!

Hervé Coneim is an icon of the Lille scene. A skater of almost three decades, he spent most of those there knitting together some awkward manual tech sorcery at the classic (but late) D.D.E. spot, and then a few more experimenting with all the possibilities the perfect ledges of the Lille street park that popped up in the mid naughts had to offer; up until then, Hervé's tech prowess represented the north of France in every mag (alongside other polar bears along the likes of Alex Van Hoecke). Hervé has moved to quite the polar opposite (on the national scale) location since then, but still skates hard under the Mediterranean sun; and now at the dusk of 2018, he's back with a mixtape of fifteen years worth of footage, assembled on a timeline by Rémi Luciani ("Marseille Zoo", "NCE"). Why some of that old footage was never released before during Hervé's national tech peak, the world will never know, but it surely is great to see it finally see the light of the day (Hervé footage has always been scarce), and all the new footage mixed in makes for a more three-dimensional representation of his true style. Do you know your ledge?


Combine Phil Evans and the Mortensen brothers, what do you get? Some "fun", caught the right way… Add illustrator Mike O'Shea, and you're in for a deep dive out of this grey reality of ours, and a breath of fresh air! Come on, now, just click on it…

Street Lance alert!

Where the forever young Lance Mountain is not afraid to pull his street kickflip out of his deep bag of tricks, in his fifties! And that's just the tip of the iceberg… Oh, and Caleb Barnett has more than couple guest tricks in there, which will make out very own Pierre-Alexandre stoked!

Dear Diary,

Finally some news from the Yardsale guys, it's crazy how it is a pleasure to see Curtis Pearl or Sam Sitayeb. We thank Grant Dawson for "Diary of a", filmed entirely London with the best of the London’s castings. The result is as beautiful as crazy, they skate anything and everything from a giant can to the beautiful Southbanks. We will put Julian Kimura as MVP which is here more impressive than ever. A special mention is also made for the beer rescue performed by Jake Church with an extraordinary cold blood. 

Best-of N.J!

For the time he’s been filming in New Jersey, Andrew Petillo has seen many things in front of his camera. So he concocted us here a little compilation of the best things he could immortalize. On the menu something to satisfy everyone from Danny Renaud to Al Davis, and even Jake Johnson. Some clips are already out, others are unreleased so go for it! Wishing you a good viewing, with perhaps a touch of nostalgia for some.

La crème anglaise

It's been a while since we see him maltreat all kinds of spots, that’s quite normal if the Numbers Edition 5 is dedicated to fiery Kyron Davis. The big American machine which is Numbers offers us the best of British phlegm through the cream of english skaters, from the Casper Brooker to Zach Delarue. Obviously a small dose of Magnus’ pop and we will even notice a nice line of our very own Karl Salah!

Best Of PARISII / 5 W's!

Just a few days ago, we were presenting you "Tracked Movements", an edit of (nearly) lost Paris skate footage filmed by Franck Pierron at the dusk of the former century that we had put together for the Adidas event Das Days in the City of Lights a few weeks back... Well, our selection of screened films also comprised another original edit: a "best of" type of edit of the footage shot a few years back by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon for their crazy love child of a project aiming at documenting every spot in every district of the French capital: Parisii. Two years ago, the winning duo had already (somehow) managed to trim those years worth of footage down into a full-length; already quite the commendable feat, so imagine Greg's face when now requested to lay off his young father's duties to get back at it and do even more curating! But he pulled through, resulting in this Best Of Parisii edit we're passing on to you now, as well as some of Greg's words as we also bugged him to answer our 5W's!

S.F. State!

The Internets and the current weather in France are currently on the same boat, fashion-wise: it's raining gems of clips bound to make you want to skate! And this one strikes like sunshine: State (the skater-owned shoe company on the rise) just dropped a shared montage featuring Northern Co.'s youngest Chris Athans and Brian Powderly zooming through and past the streets of a boiling, abrasive S.F. landscape of dreams as captured by one of the best to ever do it: Zach Chamberlin. Ben Gore even steals the show with an improbable guest trick!

The Low End Theory?

Looks like Josh Stewart really never sleeps! Nor does he ever slip: barely a few days after the web release of his edit illustrating the recent collaboration between Converse and Hopps (Jahmal Williams' board company), and while we're still kind of recovering from what a slap in the face it was, the author of (most notably) the underground hits that comprise the "Static" series of independent full-lengths is dropping something new again! For Lakai this time, immortalizing an affair of theirs with Theories (Josh's brand and distribution company). Are you following? Anyway, on board here: Yonnie Cruz and Vincent Alvarez, roaming the streets of N.Y.C. and L.A. like they just don't care which coast they're on. Josh edited the piece and shot all the 16mm. The production is as good as the skating, and the collab is interesting in itself - why not?

Spot politics

Whilst some prefer to kill time digging their own grave debating with themselves in Instagram comments, it again is a Floridian who's putting in the actual work skateboarding-wise: Politic's very own Jonathan Ettman just earned himself the luxury of an interview in the latest (print!) issue of TransWorld, accompanied by the web release of this new standalone video clip (is it still a part if it's not part of something?). The man is rumored to be skating in nothing but dead-stock Habitat kicks, which sounds similar to something somebody we may have hinted to earlier in this post have been doing. Anyway, Jonathan's style is pretty crazy, very Jimmy Lannon-esque arm- and pop-wise, with a wilder trick selection on some smart spots. That's a politic we can get down with!


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