Ben Chadourne

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Could "Boom" be the noise Paul Grund skateboard produces when hitting a spot? Well, this is what Ben Chaourne's latest production seems to indicate…

Dirt River

Young Tao just dropped a new edit, featuring his buddies as well as more known faces, captured on his home turf, or on the road… Even managing to film park skating in an exciting way, which is a rare enough feat to be noted!


The Unemployed homies are back with a more bucolic version of their beloved Marseille (no street violence, this time…) and a few famous guests, including Sean Pablo in full nod to Aaron Suski, and even Jake Johnson, once again mastering an impossible trick: the dreaded slappy nosegrind. Yep, Marseille is about that street stuff, we tell ya!

Yoan Taillandier / 5 W's!

As to better accompany his new Bordeaux montage, here's another dimension of Yoan's perspective on all things MINUIT, through the prism of our classic treatment-by-the-5 W's!


This new series of edits done for Nokia Pureviews gives food for thoughts about how long it will take until the majority of skateboard footage we'll be consuming online will be filmed on cell phones… When it gives you Ben Chadourne cruising around his hometown of Bordeaux, in between showers, in his usual laid back style, there is nothing to complain about, though…


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