Xavier Benavides

Yoan Taillandier / 5 W's!

As to better accompany his new Bordeaux montage, here's another dimension of Yoan's perspective on all things MINUIT, through the prism of our classic treatment-by-the-5 W's!

Bonus time!

Here to a great start of the week, with a little tour of cities that always make you daydream, with quite the selection of locals, each time, thanks to Bordeaux Exposure and the always motivated Julien Januszkiewicz! From Jordan Queijo to Gauthier Rouger, perfect!

Mo' cruise, mo' fun!

Well, they are quite on it these days, at Magenta, aren't they!? One could not complain about it, especially when they offer us a juicy bonus to their recent Just Cruise… They all here, on their home turf of Bordeaux, and this does not tickle your fancy, well, we don't know what could!

Valls alert!

You have been following Julien Januszkiewicz since 2013, just like us, and you most likely have not missed his recent Bordeaux Exposure 2, but this compilation of Léo Valls, and friends, very best is a great way to get in the mood to get out out and push (and more) real fast in those streets!

Cruise control!

The new Magenta production is out there, and as an appetizer, here is an alternate edit of Leo Valls part, fusing flow and funk! Off course, Zach Chamberlain is behind the lens, and Leo has been in rare form these days. Stay tuned for his upcoming LIVE part, and a surprise on Tuesday… That's what's up.


Many would not know –and during some times, even the locals seemed to deny the fact– but Marseille is full of downhill streets, and therefore of the spots that come with that type of landscape… The youth of today have acknowledged it, and are ready to enjoy it, here with a little help from their visiting Bordeaux homies. Yep, the youth have got skateboarding figured out…

Xavier Benavides / Premiere

At Magenta, they like people that can control their board at high speeds, and with their headquarters based in Bordeaux for a while, one could expect that if they started flowing a local, he wouldn't be the "slow" kind… Xavier Benavides does skate fast, and very well, with a knack for sharp street furniture. We can't really tell you much more then that, apart that it is his birthday today, and that his "friends" seems to call him Chewbacca… Therefore, this part should make you want to add an extra push to all your tricks this week-end, start the celebrations for Xavier, and also announces many more good things coming from ABX prod, but we will keep you posted on that!

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