More to the West

The MONO WEST TOKYO collective, whose incessant video productions have been featured on LIVE quite heavily in the recent times, is back with a new clip solely devoted to highlighting the on-board talent of Yohei Hirano. This makes for four minutes of urban skating sharply captured by a surprisingly dynamic H.D. filmer: Shigenari Kaguma of Take Action Films, then edited to the pace of the reveal of crazy spot after crazy spot - as expected from the capital of Japan, oh-so-notorious for its (unlawfully) skatable architecture. Cherry on the cake has to be one of the best ledge frontside lipslides ever done, too - as though to shatter the lifelong certitudes of those who like to criticize that move.

The art of taming a relunctant brick

You know those two from many a Pop clip, so you won't be too surprised by their abilities when it comes to tackle the not so hospitable grounds of their very own Haarlem… But, they do go another step, here, when skating grounds most would not even bother put a wheel on!

Five on five

Very well placed in the list of Parisian collectives to follow closely, here is the Cinquième Terrasse back with a new video entitled "SINK", filmed by Elliot Bonnabel. In this new opus, they obviously continue to find new ways to use the streets of our beautiful capital. When the spot is huge, they are not shy and when it lacks scale, the originality of their skateboarding complements it perfectly.

Graham Thoms "En Limbo" / PREMIERE

The most assiduous (or Parisian) elements of LIVE's audience will most likely feel at home at the simple mention of Graham Thoms' name - originally from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., the man picked the French capital as his new official residency some years ago already now, as though to better import the colors of Uprise Skateshop.

With filmer Corey Henderson, their mutual hobby is work - but not just of any kind: "Trabajando" is the code name for their family operation, the extension of which transcends national borders all the way till Barcelona, and has been for many a year and video production now. LIVE already introduced you to two parts from "TRABAJANDO 4" here alongside an interview with the duo; and while the full video is still available from the best-connected skateshops or via Palomino in home-burned DVD form, the entirety of Corey's latest local montage "OUT OF THE LOOP" can still be watched here.

So as far as today, what's up? Well, we're talking the continuation of Graham's skate peregrinations ever since he set up camp on the old continent for good. Again, Corey is behind the editing, and also the filming with contributions from Jimmy Cholley of Trois CCD, Deric Esparza and Matthias Ellinger. Lotso' Paris lines, bearing witness to Graham's ease as he develops solid familiarity for spots now local to him (although he's really been skating most of them since 2005), paired up with some fine Chicago clips to rep his roots and loop the Loop.

His relocation was a big moment for Graham, after all as seven years later, he's still digesting the experience, unable to stop taking it all in; a new French reality that he exploits by obsessively haunting each and every Paris spot possible, as though in the perpetual quest for an endless partition of benches to dot with his own notes from back home.

"EN LIMBO" is now LIVE and to be appreciated as the slice of life of a U.S. cousin that it really is! For proof, Graham felt like going for a TransWorld check out type of format to express himself, which explains the segment below - including some commentary straight from Florentin Marfaing. Qualité !



Skate filmmaker Jack Fanning contacted us straight from the small city of Chico, California to introduce us to his newest brainchild: "SPOTAHOLICS MIXTAPE", twenty minutes of hard-hitting VX on rare spots in the name of their crew and imaginary company: Liquor Bank #2. The consequential viewing turned out to pack so much energy and good taste, LIVE just had to address the hype and so we went and asked Jack a few extra questions, which he enthusiastly replied to - as the conversation below can attest!


Arguably more exotic than the eponymous band but just as raw, S.O.D. appears to also be the name behind which Alexis David and his friends (barely) hide: now, we're talking a crew which, just after its first video (exclusively filmed in the streets of Toulouse, and available on Alexis' YouTube channel), instantly chose to explore even further. Thus, for "S.O.D. 2", they also visited Nîmes then Marseille, in order to skate more spots and cause more traffic accidents (as the very end of the video can attest - you've been warned).

But let's have Alexis recount the whole story, including his survival:

"A crew of homies, an iPhone, a city as playground and that's how it all started. If "S.O.D. I" was more of a sketchy edit of strictly Toulouse clips, "S.O.D. II" took some more involvement. 

Its own story began with acquiring a real (small) camera, three destinations: Toulouse, Nîmes and Marseille, and a true spark of motivation - we wanted to create something that would actually be significant to us, and representative of our identity and shared years worth of fun times.

Now after five months of editing and struggles, the edit is done and, generally speaking, we're all content with it. When it first came out, the last sequence did leave quite a lot of our friends in shock - feel free to see if you can stomach it..." - Alexis David

Rob Railman

All terrain, creative, efficient and flawless, Rob Maatman gives us some new escapades for Vans and Pop Trading company. A few tricks which especially highlight his ability to slide on any rail, from the very long to the very short, including the least well fixed and the one that zigzags (the famous one).

Morgan Campbell "ABOUT NINE" / Josh Roberts / PREMIERE

You'd better remember Josh Roberts - the Perth, Australia-based filmer behind, most notably, the Domingo series, and once head operator for the Magenta Skateboards classic: "Crossing The Perth Dimension" - because today, he's LIVE again (we've featured some other works of his before) with a new piece, and an exclusive one this time. "ABOUT NINE" tells the story of local legend Morgan Campbell (also interviewed earlier regarding his visual project: "DEJA GLU") regularly waking up at dawn to meet up with Josh at the local bowl 'around nine' (hence the title), and get footage in peace with the whole place to themselves. The VX-1000 by-product of those morning skates, that's exactly what this edit is - and also, an explosive two-minute uppercut of good taste, sunshine, creativity and mellow vibes. Also featured: Nick Maughn, Daniel Luxford, Lewis Rodan and Louie Dodd as guests, to complete the whole picture with homie presence! Just what your legs could use to get kicking as early as coffee time.

Word is bonus

According to the word of Guatemalan skate filmmaker, photographer and overall documentarist Gerardo Sosa, "la yapa" means "the bonus": that free sample at the counter, the extra cheese thrown in for free by the cook with a quick wink of the eye, the complementary sheet of grip tape at the skateshop from your homie who works there when the boss isn't looking. Anyway, it's already been a year since LIVE interviewed Gerardo regarding "SITUACIÓN DE CALLE", his independent full-length video showcasing the scene in Argentina and, as to duly celebrate this anniversary, today, the man is dropping a new edit: "LA YAPA" is, as you might have figured out by now, a bunch of unused footage and extras from "SITUACIÓN DE CALLE", compiling many an otherwise seldom seen colorful spot and style within eleven minutes of quality H.D. footage. And one can even follow Gerardo and his next video peregrinations on Instagram, too, here!

B. B. Kings

For this Sunday's brunch, it's one savant cocktail of savors that awaits you right now under the form of this edit by legendary N.Y.C. skate filmmaker R.B. Umali (yes, the one behind "MIXTAPE" for a golden-era Zoo York, amongst many other works). As its title suggests, we're talking a retrospective of footage collected throughout the decades and video productions, nowhere but at the mythical skate spot of Brooklyn Banks. One that just so happens to be under quite the imminent threat of destruction, by the way - a decision one can still help oppose via this petition right here. Anyway, in the silly hypothesis that such a landmark would need a video resume of sorts to certify its cultural importance to the masses, then this one would have to be it, featuring a who's who of some of the most classic East Coast styles and pretty much a compilation of the most memorable moves and moments ever spent on those bricks. Just look at that roster!

JKwon Mix Pt.1

Let's end a long work week with the first chapter of a new series: "JKWON MIX" - part one then, in this case - is how L.A.-based skate filmer Jacob Flores chooses to refer to his collection of clips collected at JKwon, which might resonate to our Parisian readers as the local equivalent to République. Laying at the bottom of the Radio Korea tower, the plaza is notorious for its ledges, its steep banks, its ledges, Guy Mariano's handrail and last but not least its ledges, too. So, for this first installment, be prepared for some stimuli to the beat of the landings of Ishod Wair (we've seen worse), hereby captured cruising through the spot and rifling down tricks with ease all the while making the viewer feel like they're part of the session. Finally, "JKWON MIX PT.1" also marks the announcement of Jacob's new company: Shoplift for which he's working on a full-length video already - and that's in between more JKwon sessions to come as the show must go on on every stage!


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