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We know it, we wait eagerly for it: Away Days is around the corner, and we can't wait to be hit in the face by it… And this should get you even more jittery for it. The diversity of skateboarding practiced by the Adidas team is here well shown, and we will note the definitive transformation of Lucas Puig into " a full grown "hombre", which is –obviously– the highest compliment.

Bon anniversaire, Lucas!

Let's use the occasion to look back at one of the very first LIVE productions, a remix of his TWS part, chopped and screed hard by his buddy Hugo Campan… Wonder if that held well the passing of time?

Carroll alert!

Wait, so all there is to do is ship Mike to Germany so he gets the spark again!? Let's note a particularly on point Tyler Bledsoe, and as for Lucas and Ishod, well, what to say, what to say!?

A young god…

A young Lucas… Need to say more?


In da mix'

Collabs divides in two groups: the ones that make sense, and the rest of them… Here, we definitely are facing the very first category, without a doubt. From the roots of both brands, to the raw tech street skating they practice, both brands are on the same tune, to the point where you can mix footage from both crews without it ever looking forced. Good shit, good shit, good shit, we tell you!


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Mini ramp, mega fun!

Where one can see that the streets are fun, but backyards can be great, also… And where one can sense a Daclin influence on some of those Lucas tricks!

Dat mixtape ya need!

And that's that!


Hmm, skatepark demos with Lucas in top shape like here, it very much isn't the same thing, is it? That Dennis kid got it, too.

Dark side of the ledge

For many years, in France, the question "Whatever happened to Stephen Khou?" would pop up once in a while, until Hélas, the brand he started with Lucas Puig, answered it all. As for skating, one was thinking he would still be doing it, off course, but maybe not like that! Oh, and Lucas? Well, he was hurt, you know, so he just filmed a few random things, right? LOL

Style Cup

If one day, there should be a World Cup of "Street Style in the Streets", Mark Gonzales would be –for obvious reasons– no qualifiable, but that Rodrigo Teixeira dude could steal the (fire hydrant shaped?) trophy, just for this "cruising" footage here… Seriously!


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