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  1. Meeting… Olivier "Boucle" Durou!

    Let's get back on “Boucle” case, so you get a bit more than a sick part from him this week…

  2. Parisii V / VI / VII

    We had announced the longest episode since Parisii debuted… Well, Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon deliver! Here is more than ten minutes of raw Parisian skateboarding, exploring the shores of the Seine and areas more known for their tourist sites… And, nope, the Eiffel Tower pounds haven't been drained recently! But, this is still a trip worth boarding, trust us!
  3. The route of all spots

    The principle is quite simple, a small French team and a Phil Zwijen as bonus (sacred bonus) went on a trip from Paris to Lyon via Lille, Tours and Clermont-Ferrand to discover spots almost unknown to the general public, in short, an alternative route (itiniéraire bis) to the good skate video. With Marca Barbier, Hugo Corbin, Matt Débauché, Santiago Sasson and the extravagant Hadrien Haverland (that we unfortunately rarely have the opportunity to admire in this kind of videos), we must obviously expect a big dose of good mood, which really put forward in the Raw cuts. And to immortalize this atmosphere and this skateboarding style that breathes creativity who is a better choice than Olivier Fanchon? We just need some nice guests like Jo Dezecot or Jérémie Daclin for it to be perfect ...

  4. Inside O.U.T.

    Arthur Chiron - you might remember his name as the performer of many a demonstration of urban prowess, notably frozen in time in « Frame By Frame », the French classic independent full-length video by Romain Batard, Olivier Fanchon, Greg Dezecot and Aymeric Bertrand from a decade ago - already… Well, Arthur made some wise use of said time span, focusing on his studies as a plastic artist whose interest revolves around one’s personal exploration and interpretation of the physical space, as influenced by Raphaël Zarka, who supports him. Anyway, the latest expression of such reflections just manifested itself, under the name Inside Out: an exhibition of uncommon structures all extracted from one same core then peppered throughout the main hall of Théâtre Le Quai in Angers, France, since last Saturday and up till June; a time period during which space will keep getting explored, as the structures will regularly be flipped over and moved around… Now, let’s salute this remarkable demonstration of cultural avant-gardism from the organizers and sponsors, and celebrate Arthur’s works the way he would really like everyone to: by jamming wallies everywhere at this skatepark that really isn’t one!

    Inside O.U.T. will be skatable till June, look it up here, if you want to visit!

    More, here:

  5. Week in the sun

    Here's a little visit to the city of Montpellier by the Converse gang, where Guillaume Guirao and Roman Gonzales get noticed, each in their own way, one being both solid and "classic", while the second enjoys a more "free flowing" approach.
  6. Parisii / le remix / Steve Malet

    So, we keep claiming "not the same", but like everybody else, we got caught in chasing scoops and the latest Insta compilation, loosing track of our very own productions! Let's try to restore order, here, by –finally– putting online the Parisii remix! After its screening at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, it is now time to share this labor of love by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, in collaboration with fellow skater Vincent Perrin for the soundtrack, starting with one of the most motivated skaters for the whole length of the project: monsieur Stephen Malet! Never shy of hammers, Steve is also the kind to adapt to any nook or cranny to pop on a deserted sidewalk. Which made him the ideal candidate to point a camera at, during the three years of incessant scavenging of Parisian streets. Enjoy!

  7. Eyes On / Matias Elichabehere

    An audio visual visit to the musician that composed for more than one of your favorite videos… A rare occurrence, when you think about it!

  8. Parisii V / VI / VII trailer!

    Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon are about to drop the longest episode since the beginning of the adventure, and had prepared that trailer as a surprise for the Parisian premiere of Static IV… These two are locked in their dungeon polishing the last details of the part dedicated to three arrondissements by the Seine, and rich in often famous spots. But this should help you wait for a few more hours!
  9. Parisii XVIII

    Second to most populated arrondissement of the city, the XVIIIth is a fascinating cocktail, in between highly touristic spots and a social and cultural diversity that surely ranked it quite high amongst the infamous "no go zones" of Fox News… All this actually makes for one of the most representative areas of Paris, for all its contradictions and its richness. Plus, this arrondissement is built on hills, which can only add to it all!
    When it comes to Parisii, the XVIIIth is also a mix of sorts, as Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon have decided to invite the new generation along, including its filmers. Expect to see new faces, on spots rarely seen, but all still cooked à la Parisii!
    You can follow all Parisii, since the beginning, here.

  10. Parisii / le remix / Santiago Sasson

    While waiting for a final premiere showing in its entirety soon at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, let's use the excuse of a special day to drop the first excerpt from the remix of all Parisii episodes… Their exploration of the French capitol being over, Greg Dezcot and Olivier Fanchon wanted to give credit and emphasize all efforts (and good laughs) shared over three years by axing edits around the most involved individuals and crews. Who better to start it all than Santiago to give you a feel of the whole thing, since he even played drums and more with his buddy François Perrin to produce the custom soundtrack for it all. Here you get a young, and sometimes even younger, man with various length of facial hair, with an always exploding way with Parisian streets… Let's all get together now, to whish him and happy birthday!


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