Alex Olson

Mo' Paych!

With such a crew, even the so-called "C-list" tricks would be good enough for us, and if this edit could put popped backside 180 back into trend, we couldn't be happier!


Hold on to your shorts, kids! If you were –falsely– thinking that skateboarding is NYC had regressed to slappies and low impact wallies, this could make you couch out your morning cereals! We felt that John Wilson had been holding up on some good stuff, and here is where it went! As always, the street mood as he knows how to capture is here, as well as the cream of what is happening in the streets of the Big Apple, including what could serve at the crowing of Cyrus Benett as the Underground King Of New-York!

Lil' sesh with the homies…

One could debate all night about what is or is not the "Supreme Scene", but this kind of All Stars session is great in the way that seeing this caliber of dudes skating "like all of us" is just something to be happy with!


Worst enemy or best friend of the skater, the trash can and its contents are never too far from sight, and this ode its use and re-use is a thing of beauty! Then, again, what did you expect from the All-Timers!?


Promising preview of the new John Wilson production. That Cyrus Bennett kickflip!!!!

Le temps des cerises…

So, it's on…

You need that tape!

The 20 years of Girl skateboards are still being celebrated, and we will not complain about that that! Here, the good people at Orchard skateshop (Boston) add their take on it, with a mixtape of their favorite parts, selected all along the years of the brand, and put together the old school way. Let's note the old parts steal the show, especially the curtains. Off course you know which part it is… Proof, once again, that things never get old when they are good.

The week-end remix…

All good stuff, already seen, for sure, but nicely put together and getting a new life out of it… Oh, and a schooling on Mike Carrol, at the end, for whoever might not know!


Dece Vid

New York as a background, and a casting mixing such names as Lucien Clarke, Shawn Powers, Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett, Danny Brady, Brian Delatorre, Nick Boserio, and the long awaited Yaje Popson part? Get the kettle on!


Not only this montage is a total surprise, but also contains quite some "heavy stuff" all tied together in some unordinary way… Oh, and Anthony Pappalardo is skating in this!!!

William Strobeck, macadam cowboy?

William goes way back, and tells us more about what's cool about skateboarding…


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