Brendan Carroll

The Mondays

Now, this should help you get your head in the right place and fight that Monday Blues! Nice lines from a bunch of great people, plus some Dave Caddo in there!

slow death / eternal happiness

So the intro might lead you to believe this will be more sea punk tumblr content than skating, but that would only show you don't know the Beerics! Well, no, with such a name, this is not the kind of crew aiming for a collective SOTY, but there is enough ripping captured the right way to make you leave your room today!

Guess who's back?

Since his part in Making Friends With The Color Blue – Blueprint swan song – we had been waiting for the follow-up… He had vanished a bit when the British brand died, and since every glimpse of him had been too short. He was the perfect candidate for the relaunch of Traffic, and he proves it here with three minutes of shitty spots from his area, conquered elegantly, always with the unexpected trick. Kevin Coakley is one classy act…

Charles' tip: ***ENRON***

"Your Monday drug!" For sure, Bronze has been all about the heavy stuff, and the transition to HD is not changing anything to that. Let's note the gangsterest roll away in a long time via Luis Tolentino's back lip to back tail, and the confirmation of super hero status for both Jordan Trahan and Aaron Herrington!

Lo-fi nation

We showed you Brad Cromer's part a little while ago, but here is Lo-fi in its totality. Showing that Cromer has more than one talent, as he edits that buddy video, and does a nice job at it.


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