Flo Mirtain


Realizing that Flo Mirtain just dropped a three-minute part somewhere that is not Live is already harsh… Then, having it viewable on a player that crashes my computer every time I try to go full-screen makes it even more frustrating… But, when said part is pure genius when it comes to its musical direction, I actually take it personally and will sign this! Prince "Erotic City"!!??? This is adding insult to injury…

Benjamin Deberdt

15 years on the road…

We told you about the Chet Childress exhibitions, this past November, celebrating Cliché's 15th birthday… Here is the video from the road trip that ensued, from Lyon to Barcelona, with a good chunk of the team, and many friends tagging along for the sesh. In one word, Cliché at its best: in the van, on the road.

Lyon, da Bist-Side!

10 minutes and 52 seconds of bonus from the Lyon Megamix crew! Mo'Mirtain, mo' flow!

Megamix, is now live!

The most LOL video out of France this year is now online! Get ready for your dose of Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Joseph Biais, Oscar Candon, Hugo Maillard and many more!

Fred Mortagne and Flo Mirtain suck!

Another episode of the Megamix saga…

Megamix… 5 W's!

Well, the main question being: what the hell is Megamix supposed to be!??


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