Takahiro Morita

A postcard from Morita

What goes around comes around, they say? Well, they were right! We sent one postcard to the Japanese Master a little while back, and here is what came back to us!

Soleil Levant / cronica

A few introduction words to a much-awaited video…


Finally watchable online, this part illustrate many interesting points, such as: Is this the best part Quim has put together, ever? Yes. Does the fact that some of those images are "old" matter in any way? Nope. Is this a great demonstration that "good skating" does not age, and therefore does not necessarily need to be put online ten minutes after the roll away? Certainly. Could Quim have started the fashion revolution of the army fatigue/bucket hat combo, simply by just never giving it up? It looks like it. You can not buy style, people.

Silas Baxter-Neal 4 W's!

As his last name states, Silas isn’t from Japan, but local skaters have inspired him enough to dedicate a whole part to their influence. Here is what he had to say about it…


Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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