Yann Garin

City of Lousy

How could it get better than a portable house, you say? One that is skatable, also? Yep, that'd be ace… They got you covered at Lousy Livin', in more than one way, and the Bloby's and co are ready to co-sign this!


Stopping by in Bordeaux, at the DIY side of the Darwin Project, the Metropolitan heads remind us all their ATV skills, with a secret weapon: JJ Rousseau!


David Couliau is never afraid to experiment with a camera, and he puts the bar quite high with this panoramic edit for Metropolitan skateboards… Featuring JJ Rousseau, nonetheless!

Parisii X

Our Paris visit continues, this time hitting the Xth arrondissement, following the construction of the new République plaza, now the epicenter of skateboarding in Paris… And of non skating, also… Fear not, they have managed to escape the perfect ledges, and have even found some hidden treasures! Parisii is a Live exclusive – kindly supported by Nike SB– and a work in progress, so if you want to contribute a trick or a spot, feel free to join in!


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