Simon Perrottet


We had introduced you to Faust Skate Co. first full-length, recently, as a PREMIERE, and if Simon Perrottet closes it with a part reaching eight minutes, it is because he is in direct lineage of what one might call Swiss Tech ©, or that well established now Helvetian tradition of piecing together long lines where cleanness is equal to technique.


So the guys of La Fine Équipe just never slow down, do they? And here, they offer you a little something to enjoy a good Christmas in front of your computer!


You might not be familiar yet with the Swiss brand FAUST, so let us tell you that these Lausanne heads got together under that moniker in 2013 (as a reference to Goethe's play), and have been working on a full-length in collaboration with Redline Films for a year… Their main problem: Simon Perrottet and his ability to produce a lot of footage! To the point of being able to put out a part before the actual video comes out, while not falling in the "throw-away" category… Therefore, Prologue is more of a quite spicy appetizer to enjoy today as a LIVE exclusive!


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