Jake Johnson

Charles' Tip: Bust Crew One!

"Nominated for the Most Productive Crew, right?" They are definitely neck to neck with John Wilson and co, that's for sure… But, if they recruit Jake Johnson for good, that might change it all. Let's note the seamless transfer to HD and a couple nods/jabs(?) at some of the current trends in videos. The Bust heads are just on top of their name!

Brian Downey

Café Crème just released an interview of the quite active Brian, plus a part from Local Express that is packed with good stuff… Don't miss it!

Peace warriors

This is on the seventieth anniversary of the explosion of the very first atomic bomb, on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, that Takahiro Morita and Far East Skate Network decide to put out this edit reminding us all the visit, a few days after the Fukushima catastrophe, the Magenta and the GX 1000 heads paid to the locals on their very own spot. Because, sometimes, the important thing can be to skate together. Simple as that…

#jkjhnsn alert!

Yes, it is too short, but how good is it? Jake Johnson still is The Chosen One, and we're not going to deny ourselves the pleasure of being reminded he got a solid switch tre…

Vintage jkjhnson

The famous Golden Rail, a twenty minutes session, and this what The Chosen One would get away with, in 2010. A beautiful thing to watch…

Raw GX

"Thank you Based God!" Need to say more? GX1000 is one those very few things on the web that make it worthwhile to turn your computer on in the morning… And that's quite something. Oh, that and Al Davis…


Barcelona, its perfect spots, its rinsed spots, its spots skated by the GX 1000 crew… Oh, yeah, it does look quite different, doesn't it!? Al Davis for president!

Jake & Alv

We all knew Jake Johnson had spent a good part of the summer in Malmö with mister Alv, and the whole world had since been wondering that those two might have been up to, since… Well, they wallied their little hearts out together, that's what they did, and as you would expect, they didn't necessarily chose the easiest spots!

GX1000 x London

#veryrare And like Charles said "Jake's fs nollie on flat, dammit!"


Ryan Garshell's productions never disappoint. Can't wait for the GX1000 full length video

The chosen one!

His appearance on the screen at the premiere had caught a few by surprise, despite some rumors, but it just makes absolute sense in the middle of a Static episode… Jake Johnson is the savior the world has been waiting on. No one ones if he's up for the task, though…


GX 1000 gives us the downhill and slightly funky-er version of the Vic's Market's masterpiece, and mainly, mainly, reminds us that Al Davis might be our favorite skateboarder… Yep.


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