Morgan Campbell, 5 W's!

The tale of an Aussie in Paris with a backdrop of five-hundred-plus National Geographic back issues, and a guest trick in Misled Youth.

Yoan Taillandier / 5 W's!

As to better accompany his new Bordeaux montage, here's another dimension of Yoan's perspective on all things MINUIT, through the prism of our classic treatment-by-the-5 W's!

Meeting… Lucas Beaufort!

Make a documentary about the future of skateboard magazines, in 2017… We had to ask the author: "But, why!?"

Meeting... Reda Taoussi!

Let's take the occasion of his new new edit 'Sanke" dropping today to speak with Reda, or one half of the Taoussi brotherhood, the two twins from Toulouse you would know since the infamous "Kurd Are My Heroes" full-length. So, Lost Boys, or not?

Alex Raeymaekers / le remix

All right, it is Alex's turn to get the Victor Demonte, remix treatment of his Pop Trading Company footage, just like he did for Noah Bunink. Mister Raeymaekers has got the quick feet thing mastered, and puts it to great use, so you should dig it! Street skating as we would love to do, with a smile on his face at all times… Well, almost. Another LIVE exclusive!

Meeting… Chris Thiessen!

Chris Thiessen, the man (most notably) behind the latest Transworld videos "Substance" and "Riddles In Mathematics", sat down with us to discuss his background in skate filmmaking, editorial choices, influences, his relationship with the magazine and more.

Swiss Exposure / PREMIERE

For the past five years, Julien Januszkiewicz has been living between his beloved Bordeaux and Switzerland, which has allowed him to add many new friends from the other side of the lake to his Bordeaux Exposure.full-lengths. Already working on the next one, he takes time here to put together a nice little remix of his footage from Switzerland, which doubles up as a Who's Who of a scene we often cover, here. One of those that is way more active than we hear about. So, Thanks, Julien, for this PREMIERE!

Marc-A Barbier "Safe"

If you've been skating in Paris, regularly or on a trip, you will not have missed Marc-Alexandre, or "Marc-A" as everybody calls him. He's on point, to say the least, and has been for a few years now, despite his young age, and it should not change anytime soon. One will note his personal approach of the spot, whatever it might be, and skills when it comes to flip his board, whenever he sees fit… Yup, we dig him, and this is why we decided to send Augustin his way to produce this part.

Parisii / le remix / Group Edit

All right, so Monday is off, and this should put the fire in you: the homies, buddies, friends and bros section from our Parisii remix… Three years of skating around Paris amounts to a rather large group of people joining the sesh. Hell, you can even spot a couple world renown dudes in there, oh and that guy Rémy Taveira. And République getting built! All under the musical supervision of another Parisii head, Vincent Perrin!

Ode to LOVE

Let's just be honest, here: the majority of books dedicated to skateboarding are rarely more than marketing tools, dedicated to make sure you consume how you are supposed to… Actually independent projects are rare, simply because putting a book together is one hell of a mission! That did not stop young Jonathan Rentschler, that some of you might know from his frequent visits to Europe. And he documented with a photo camera the past three years of LOVE park, to the very last sessions in the middle of its ruins, to turn it all into a book, a real one. One book you can –and should– already pre-order, here… Until it actually drops, here a little visual and animated teaser Jon filmed on Super 8…

Parisii / le remix / Magenta homies

Fuck it, it is Easter, so this one is on us! Here is the Magenta part of the Parisii remix. Baby Jesus was dead and came back, or not really, but the only thing we know for sure is friends are forever!


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