Alex Richard

The Side Stripe Tour / Galerie

On Monday, we will premiere the latest video from the French Vans Team… To get you amped, in the meantime, here is a photo gallery of their wanderings around France.

naked truth

Nothing beats watching a bare chested line to be reminded that those times are over for quite a bit… And, yet, change to winter time is around the corner! Let's also salute a Valentin Bauer at his best here.


The Frenchies from Vans hit the road as often as they can, and who would blame them? This time, they have gone all the way to Land of Americans, and came back with good memories on harsh spots, plus many annoying hashtags for whoever was following them on Instagram during their Oregon adventures.

Tocard Trip / Premiere

Tocard: /tɔ.kaʁ/
(French) (slang)
Worthless person, with neither physical nor intellectual appeal.
Racing horse with no chance of winning.
Mediocre and incapable rival, loser.
Examples: Alex Richard, François Tizon, Bastien Nicolet, Jano Saez, Paul Austin, Pierre-Jean Chapuis, Fred Ploque-Santos, Matthieu Dupanloup, Constantin Delmas.
Also: perfect illustration of what summer has to offer, when you combine, the road, foreign spots and bff's! Also an Arthur Bourdaud video (artworks: Alexis Jamet).

Tocard Tour / Galerie

Tomorrow we will premiere the video, but in the meantime, Rémy Barreyat shares some of his best Tocard moments with you…

Meeting… Alex Richard!

Today, Trauma Skateboards is giving us the exclusive on the new edit from their Bordeaux native rider, Alex Richard, handing us an excuse to ask him a few questions. Read his catching-up interview after the jump!

Back to Poland

We had questioned Joseph Biais on his polish times… Seems like his Vans colleagues had paid their visit, then, also. Some sick spots, and some great moments on wheels, including Joseph accidental trick!

Flash-back : Vans en Croatie

As the video of their adventures just went online, let’s chat with two of the happy travelers, Valentin Bauer and Ben Delaboulaye, and discuss the reality of camping through Europe. Summer seems far away today, but we just had to put them on the subject to get the memories rolling! Good and bad!

Color your memories / in full view

Two years on the roads of Europe, including one with no place to call home have lead Ludovic Azémar to complete a glimpse into the life of a pretty diverse casting: Remy Taveira, Alex Richard, Guillaume Dulout, Valentin Bauer, Sean Hanley and Sylvain Tognelli.

Color your memories

This independent project will be our first Off Size output… An interview of the filmmaker and the full video, here!


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