Harry Lintell

Smoke and mirrors?

As many a British skateboarders are, for the right reasons, amongst the most visible and followed in Europe, and around the world, the name Lintell is not necessarily the the more often mentioned… Shame! This edit for his e-joint sponsor (this is it, right?) should clarify it all, when it comes to Harry's ability to draw long lines though a disjointed cobblestones background.

When in Rome…

This trip to Berlin makes for a pretty heavy edit, but, in the end, it might be Danny Sommerfeld's line at Kulturforum that stands out the most to us… Top Tog raw power!

Lisbon Story

This is definitely the proof that we don't see enough of Harry Lintell, and that's a shame… Oh, this also doubles as a great teaser to a future Kevin Rodrigues part, doesn't it?


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