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Kuba Kaczmarczyk is the epitome of your ideal local O.G. head: forty-two years strong, he's been spending half of those sweating it behind the lens, documenting uprising regional talent throughout the generations and supporting the scene in his home country of Poland by many a means - all the while being caught up in work tasks aplenty, family life and the whole adult realm. His previous full-length "Grey Area" was an underground hit a few years ago, packed to the brim with unique aesthetics and raw Polish street skateboarding; its recent sequel, "Neverwhere", only carries its predecessor's torch to higher levels as it successfully perpetuates that identity, throws new faces into the mix and takes the whole concept to a new stage. It even comes packaged with an ounce of sunshine as, as though to boost everybody's serotonin levels, plenty of Miami footage ended up finding its way onto Kuba's timeline, including a whole, highly improbable, brand new Danny Fuenzalida section! LIVE Skateboard Media is stoked to present it to you today, along with the following words from the author himself he was even kind enough to deliver to us - to you.

The French Banger

And what was to meant to happen did happen. After "French Diplomacy", and more recently "Plus belle la Hy" Matisse Banc hits us with an amazing solo part, filmed by Julio Sola. Powerful, precise, watching him it seems like nothing can scare him. Not the number of steps he flies over, not the length, shape, or inclination of the rail on which he will launch, nothing seems to hold him back. An unfailing commitment, a skateboard without an ounce of hesitation and we won’t forget a fairly advanced mastery of the back smith.

#PFW clip

Where most Fashion Week warriors would leave town most likely feeling hangover just from vague memories of parties they never even attended, we already know the Pop heads always bring back home a sick edit, wether it poured rain, snow, champagne or street beers… Despite celebrating Hugo Snelooper's b-day, beer mouthwash and all… Mission accomplished!

The vibe of skating rocks

You're in from a big serving of fresh air, Norvegian fresh air, to top… Actually maybe even mountain air! Courtesy of our favorite Swedish brothers duo!

Mo' Prague

Small detour via Prague. Marek Kocak and Roman Lisivka are doing some magic tricks on the Stalin Plaza. It's Fragrance Hardware that brought them together on "Prague Plus", this small edit which could remind us a bit of "Enter the Stalin".

Curtains for Cairo

After over twelve years of Foster care, Enjoi just announced the retirement of Cairo Foster from the pro ranks, thereby making the end of a twenty-five-year career. The company accompanied said announcement with this retrospective edit spanning over the best of two decades. The mix of eras and video formats makes for some kind of audiovisual dance all over time constantly switching back and forth, and highlights how the man never ever faulted in terms of good taste, nollie hardflips included (a commendable feat). Cairo always was a pure skateboarder with natural style that just radiates fun, so this compilation comes as a treat, a positive offering that's everything you should remember about this whole thing really as you can bet Cairo will spend his retirement days keeping exploring the streets of S.F. and Portland as opposed to haunting the local bingo's on Sundays.

Forty-Three Is Twelve!

Maybe you remember Calvin Millar, the Austin, Texas-based filmer who recently gifted the interwebs with this little gem of a Paris trip clip. Well he's back - and quite drastically, let's reckon as it's a full-length video he's delivering this time, for Elias Bingham's skateshop No-Comply just now celebrating its twelfth anniversary. "12 STREET" can be peeped no further than just above, without a surprise only to reveal itself as a slick watch, full of Roger decks, great vibes and one amazing Ryan Thompson part!

Buttery mixtape!

At Butter Goods, they do things proper, we know it, and if you had that this edit is a sort of Best-Of remixed by Josh Roberts, we already real street lines will be queen, and us viewers fulfilled!


Well, rather clean ones, really, especially when it comes to tricks! Even on the crustiest spots… With a special mention to Cyrus Bennett manuals!

Latvian Labor!

Ed Gabarajevs is from Latvia originally, where he still breaks sweat over his local website Rajon TV (an enterprise you might have caught a glimpse of on here before; "rajon" translates to "projects", by the way - the ones of the housing kind), and now he just sent LIVE Skateboard Media his latest montage, starring a pretty crazy D.I.Y. concrete spot made possible by Madars Apse.

Beach tech©

Who said sea air wasn't good for skaters? Or, where, in one seaside line, Lucas reminds everybody who owns this game.

Some like it rough

"F.A. camp aler!t", let's say?


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