Tech Tonic!

Do you remember Rock And Roll Radio Tonic Skateboards? If not, then fear not: all you need to know is it's a Rennes, France-based initiative involving the likes of Hugo Maillard or Quentin Chambry all down for the cause of Louis Deschamps' vision. They were going out strong two years ago, and today Tonic is relaunching with an extended concept: audiovisual collaboration between skateboarders and musicians joining forces and talents as to produce a steady output of refined, unique experimental video productions. "TC01" is the name of the first installment in (hopefully) a long series of such clips, and it's a hit, visually and artistically!

Under the spotlight (among many guests and friends): Axel Thomas, a young Bordeaux head Louis likes to watch skating, on the plank and the Orléans, France-based Abbrumer at the lo-fi techno soundtrack. And the mix just works, with some well-utilized spots in the mix as well - a promising introduction to the new Tonic!


"Waltz" is a local, experimental montage by Spencer Legebokoff delivered all the way from Canada - its West Kootenay region to be more accurate, just up North of Washington in the U.S, with the exception of some tricks filmed in Seattle and Vancouver. Geography lessons aside, it's a tight little local clip featuring plenty of unseen non-spots, and some good tunes to get your Friday morning started just right!

Bigger Spin / EP 009 - Sam Partaix

After many years of presence on the scene, the choice of Samuel Partaix for the guest of the latest episode of the French Big Spin Podcast was an obvious one. On Seb Chalot and Arnaud Dedieu's show, Sam shares stories pertaining to all things from his early years skateboarding to the skateshop he once opened in Tours with his mother, when he isn't recounting his life in Biarritz and more. This usual Bigger Spin article on LIVE Skateboard Media once again highlights the main subjects, and illustrates them with links aplenty!

Huffing SF

Maybe you wondered what could happen if three of HUF main heads would be found San Francisco craving. No? Well, you should have, because when you get Dick Rizzo, Matt Gottwig and Justin Drysen together for a week of SF skateboarding, it makes a few sparks.

Dolls of the Bronze Age

All quiet on the Western front? You bet not and guess what, neither on the East side for, on the very same day, longtime Cali-based cultural landmark of an institution Girl Skateboards and the more modern, New York City grown and proud collective Bronze (orchestrated by filmmaker Peter Sidlauskas) dropped their respective newest full-lengths on the New God that is YouTube. Joined review and analysis of "Doll" and "It's Time".

They blew it … Again

Tor Ström, or vxtaosen, more or less the current Polar filmer worked very well in early autumn to deliver us KBH MIXEN. With at the casting, of course a good part of the polar team, Hugo Boserup who’s still a big fan of high speed, and a lot of Scandinavian locals. But especially a very well deserved part for a Ville Wester ready to commit on anything and everything as long as there is a little bit of challenge. In short a huge dose of adrenaline, we even have a small appearance of Kyle Wilson.

Twin Tech!

"Skatevision" is Danish twin brothers Andreas and Simon Pedersen's new video offering. The Twins (as the both of them are dubbed - you can't make that up) both ride for the German company Trap Skateboards, a legacy they duly insist on honoring by the means of ledge tech, flip out-based moves and crazy manuals, but in urban environments the aesthetics of which are refreshing, and the spots oftentimes rough, enough to give your average skatepark hero a mental breakdown at least. Double trouble!

Classic New Spot!

Good ol' "New Spot" was the inspired, original local nickname of the location that later blossomed in terms of worldwide popularity under the other alias of "Pier 7", located barely a two-minute skate away from a then declining Embarcadero.

From then on, the most intense skate sessions would ensue at that place, gathering a community of die-hard locals taking their self-assigned duty to push the limits of tech and style simultaneously very seriously. Whoever got in the way of said craft mid-line would get his board thrown into the sea (Embarcadero wasn't far, remember), but the iconic skateboarding that went down at that spot in that era really is what the most memorable should be.

TransWorld SKATEboarding just dropped this recap of raw files featuring all the Kings of (that small chunk of) SF (among others): Henry Sanchez (of course), Karl Watson, Marcus and Lavar McBride, Rob Welsh, Mike York, JB Gillet, Pat Washington, Andy Honen, John Igei, Shamil Randle, Brad Johnson, Stevie Williams, Spencer Fujimoto... Most of the OG's are present and represent, under the form of slick, unaltered raw VX clips filmed and compiled by Victor Neyra, whose Instagram account you should follow!

Parisian life!

The City of Lights as seen through the prism of Calvin Millar's refined VX-1000 and Super 8 touch - look no further, "La Vie En Paris" is what you get; an entirely logical [sic] as this moving postcard results from the leisurely holiday trip of a tight-knit crew of visitors from Texas. The edit makes for a poetic intepretation of the streets of the French capital, and Kyle Slinky will make your head spin just as much as the sightseeing!

The backhand

While they had recently shined in the Pure Bag Juice video, Victor Campillo and Tony Rafanomezana hit us a second time with a part for BMG. At least now we are sure that they both have an incredible technique on all the tables, and we can note the balance of Victor Campillo which chaines always more and more complex manual combos. In short a youth who first put a big slap, then a very violent backhand. 

The Swiss dream

Every time they come back it is to offer us something we never saw. And here is another dose of never seen, but in Switzerland! Make tricks of which they are the only ones to have the secret on spots that they are the only ones able to skate this way, the whole accompanied by some good slams. here is the cocktail recipe for a good Rave video. We will also notice one named Léo Cholet who gives us a very serious skateboarding lesson.

Bigger Spin / EP 008 - Alix Malnati & Shani Bru

French skate podcast Big Spin is proud to have hosted two blossoming young women as skateboarding's representatives on the latest edition of their show. Alix Malnati and Shani Bru's voices make for an audible breeze of fresh air in a practice populary dominated by testosterone and the occasional macho attitudes, so you better catch that opportunity to listen to what the girls have to say! The satisfaction of skateboarding often comes with the price of a certain social emancipation (for better and for worse), even moreso as a female and this is exactly where individuals like Alix, Shani and hopefully you get to shine, unaffected by peer pressure and well determined to be their true selves, genuinely dedicated to their sincere passion with honesty and no damns given about any potential phantasmal prejudice. Get inspired by their strength (the kind of which you wish you had in your kickflips), and if you can't make any sense out of their delicate sentences due to being unable to grasp the French language then fear not, this Bigger Spin article comes to the rescue and punctuates their stories with photo et video illustrations. All you need is love!


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