Jordan Queijo


Let's catch up with our favorite Swiss crew, with a new edit that is "modern rap" to the tilt, and full of that good skating they got us used it! Don't take the rap comment badly, guys, we love you… Plus, this will keep you waiting for the up-coming Luc Boimond interview and new part!

LFE 2016

The young Geneva squad is back ripping as they always do! Throw in there in there also what appears to be a new spot that is completely crazy!

My friends, my so-called…

We had premiered the Faust Skate Co. first full length for 24 hours a little while ago, and here is now its friends section: a good way to study your Swiss Who's Who!

Bordeaux Exposure 2 / PREMIERE

We introduced you to Julien Januszkiewicz in 2013, for the release of his full-length, Bordeaux Exposure, a tour around Bordeaux the city that was his home then. Since, Julien has not slowed down one bit, in between a new life in Switzerland, a full-time "real" job, family lie and many trips. One thing that hasn't changed: his love for Bordeaux. No surprise, Julien is back with Bordeaux Exposure II, but from San Francisco to Geneva, Montpellier to Lyon, he mixes scenes while keeping his guiding line, inspired by the 90's videos he grew up on. Brace yourselves for street exploration through lines and crew sessions, with Bordeaux Exposure II, as a LIVE exclusive for three days. Thank you for the New Year's gift, Julien!


So the guys of La Fine Équipe just never slow down, do they? And here, they offer you a little something to enjoy a good Christmas in front of your computer!


The beauty of scene videos is that they can pretty much get away with anything… Without any need for being too serious, even if everybody goes hard for it. And the OG 2000 heads, as they call themselves, take their skating, and their fun seriously! Yes, you are about to get hit by a serious dose of what is happening in Geneva and around, amongst the young, the not so young anymore and mainly the young homies… This includes a strike of genius: the "rasta part", which, if you listen to us, should replace the "slams section" around the world from now on! Oh, and if you wonder why and how Luc Boimond and crew have developed such a passion for Zinedine Zidane, to the point of him being the real star of OG ZOOO, well, we have no clue for you…

This came out as a LIVE exclusive for Halloween, and it is now out for all you to enjoy!

OG2K - VISION 2000

Beware, the OG2000 Geneva locs are preparing a fat come-back, to follow their last year full-length! This time again, they are going in, and it should be good… The real life premiere is scheduled on October 31st, but you should be watching on LIVE around the same time, also… In the meantime, prepare yourself for une nouvelle vision de la vie! Now, that's a program.

Magenta / 242 / La Capsule Suisse / PREMIERE

A new Magenta capsule, with real bits of 242 in there, as a Live exclusive? Yep, but there is more to it, so click on Read More!

Faux vintage

They are really on it, at the moment, on the other side of the border! Could Switzerland take the spot that Canada has been holding, lately, in the role of a scene nobody was expecting, smoothly taking over everybody's heart? Time only will tell, but meanwhile, you can enjoy the latest 242 production, and more precisely Jason Singer's baby, from his personal archives to recent footage of the new generation, all given the VHS mixtape treatment… Let's note the "Ouchy" part, reminding us all that at one point of history, a small plaza by the Léman Lake was the European epicenter of tech ledge destruction. Dada represent!

Le Jeune Genevois / Premiere

As its title hints,  "Le Jeune Genevois" focuses on the youth of today, from that end of the world. But let us reassure you, the old guard is still there to keep them in check, thanks to such as Yves Marchon! Plus, the video marks the return of Luc Boimond, and at Live, we are very close to starting his fan club! Be also ready for the proof that yound Jordan Queijo has many unbelievable tricks at the tip of his feet… Yep, the 242 gang has done it again, and are offering you this as an online exclusive on Live Skateboard Media, for today!

Jordan Queijo

Last part of 242's Spiral Tribe that we premiered here a few weeks ago, Jordan proves he is the worthy descendant of the previous Swiss skaters generations: he does take his ledge seriously, and you can tell!


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