Hjalte Halberg

Street surfing

Might be the perma-shorts, but Jonas Skrøder really does have a little "surfy" flavor to his all-terrain approach… Well, kind of like a Surfing Viking approach… And that's a beautiful thing!

You got soul

Well, as everybody is talking about Copenhaguen, how about a tour of the city with Eric Koston and a crew of local colleagues? Care for th pitch of that very post modern edit co-produced by the Soulland heads? Well, everybody rips, but in the end Hjalte crushes everything and everybody… Surprised?

Da champ'!

Well, it is raining crazy parts these days… Could there be some awards of sorts around the corner? [tongue in cheek emoji] All right, let's just give Karsten ESOTY, and be done with it!

25 centimes de bonbons

A Quartersnacks visit to Paris, a new spot in front of Gare du Nord (!!!!???) and a masterclass in pedestrians fluxes regulation by Juan Saavedra…

Everybody's tip: "Daydream"

Charles: "Touzery for president!" With Roman as a prime minister? This new SOURCE episode will have something for everybody and is another great work from Ben Chadourne! A nice display of what is happening in (mostly) Parisian streets nowadays…

Charles' tip: "Core"

"Now, that's what I call a good crew!" Sure, the van was loaded of diverse talents! This Nike SB trip through the Fred Gall territories of Upstate, guided by Quartersnacks was promising, to say the least, but the final result is just about perfect! Do NOT miss this, from the tricks pushed to the T of Cyrus Bennett to the improv' approach of Max Palmer, you're in for a treat!

Charles' tip: Hjalte Halberg!

"The beast!" His TWS part is now available for sharing freely, and it'd be a shame to not do so!

All Star

Just with the names appearing on the screen, you'd be convinced, but the crew did not only cruise around in that camping-car, trust us! This is heavy, in the best way possible, and the greatest spirit!

NESW UK / East / Premiere

An important print project put together by Henry Kingsford –which you know for his Grey work–, NESW is also happening in the form of four edits each starring an area of one of the most dynamic and scrutinized scenes in Europe, for decades now… The second episode focusing on the East of the United Kingdom, is now exclusively on Live, showing sea shore spots under heavy skies and a DIY that would make you wish for rain. Yes, this is truly a seasonal edit, and it is for your eyes only!

Charles' tip: Aaron Herrington!

"Looks like Josh Stewart just gave up to the internet pirates… Aaron best part by far, until now. Might as well watch it on Theories account, before scooping the DVD!"


Latest part to be put online from Grey Area, this should give yourself a healthy dose of Polar, in case you were low on it. Pontus leads the charge, off course, but neither Hjalte nor Michal are slacking behind, fear not!


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