Aaron Herrington

Musique de nuit

Sure the casting is pretty much perfect to scavenge the streets of any metropolis once the sun is gone, from Al Davis to Aaron Herrington, but, in the end, we will remember two things: how Ben Kadow tried to pulverize a curb by applying a frontside slappy to it, and mainly, mainly the sound of that very last Zered Basset line. Well, that and Kim fuckin' Gordon

Charles' tip: Hjalte Halberg!

"The beast!" His TWS part is now available for sharing freely, and it'd be a shame to not do so!

Charles' tip: Making of Polar's Manhattan Days

"Great stuff!" And a nice illustration of the fact that showcasing the "fun" side of skateboarding sometimes takes a bit of sweat and tears…

The Mondays

Now, this should help you get your head in the right place and fight that Monday Blues! Nice lines from a bunch of great people, plus some Dave Caddo in there!

Manhattan days

Once again, Pontus Alv reminds us all the real point of skateboarding, which is getting out the house to meet the homies! Here, with a background of smoking manholes and perfect to slappy metal curbs, a New York landscape as real as it can a fantasy… While avoiding the clichés that the city often inspires. Another success to Pontus' credit, and a great teaser for that future Kevin Rodrigues part we are all waiting for!

Charles' tip: Aaron Herrington!

"Looks like Josh Stewart just gave up to the internet pirates… Aaron best part by far, until now. Might as well watch it on Theories account, before scooping the DVD!"

Charles' tip: ***ENRON***

"Your Monday drug!" For sure, Bronze has been all about the heavy stuff, and the transition to HD is not changing anything to that. Let's note the gangsterest roll away in a long time via Luis Tolentino's back lip to back tail, and the confirmation of super hero status for both Jordan Trahan and Aaron Herrington!

Small, but classy

This little look back on 2013 as it was for SML Wheels proves you can do wonder, and create one hell of a team, while still being a small company!

The Brodies

Surprise, the latest Jeremy Elkin production just popped up online! You still can order the DVD compiling all his video work, plus photography, over here. A Who's Who of the NYC underground, with people you might only have heard of, and an ode to the local lifestyle from the custom mixed soundtrack to the and writing by Eli Morgan Gesner.

Solo Jazz

It's all there: the usual heads at the top of their game, the virtually unknown coming in hard, the more or less subliminal nods to the like of Mike Carroll, Jason Dill, Lennie Kirk and many more (find them, if you can!), and then, and before all, all types of shredding, always in its most pleasing form. As Charles stated this morning, this new Bronze prod' is "inescapable"!


Not only this montage is a total surprise, but also contains quite some "heavy stuff" all tied together in some unordinary way… Oh, and Anthony Pappalardo is skating in this!!!


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