Jimmy Lannon

Caste x Magenta part 01

When two of the most creative crews of the moment decide to team up on a common project, you can only expect the best! Well, when Caste Quality captures in images what Magenta is trying to represent, the result is as good as expected. While waiting for the second part, this should be a heavy dose of inspiration for us all…

Slap happy

Now this should re-launch an age old (well, almost) debate: at what height does a frontside slappy turns into a fs wall ride 50-50!?

Health walk

Ahh, Medellin, its fresh air, its unbelievable spots, its drug cartels, and… its Stevie Perez lines!? Ryan Garshell keeps on surprising us with this GX1000 casting that changes a little and gives us the chance to rediscover a non-TrunkBoyzified Perez, as well as reaffirming the seemingly fearlessness of Yonnie Cruz!


Guess the GX 1000 gang needed some fresh air, and left the dirty and gritty back streets of SF to explore some suburban landscape, to discover one sought after treasure: an abandoned mini-golf! Let's note the skills of up and coming youngster: Matt Rodriguez!


Where Jimmy Lannon reclaims his "G" status in MaGenta, in one line consisting of ollieing up four steps to powersliding on all wheels, to then frontside nosesliding off one step. Cause he got it, just like that.

A postcard from Morita

What goes around comes around, they say? Well, they were right! We sent one postcard to the Japanese Master a little while back, and here is what came back to us!

Soleil Levant / cronica

A few introduction words to a much-awaited video…

Good news

We rarely post trailers, over here, but when the production that heavily influenced a majority of the interesting stuff happening, these past years, comes back with a sequel, you got to let the world know! And, then, just that one lipslide ollie out would deserve a post… We'll let you find it in here, and read more about project at our colleagues' site, over at VHS.

Hot thang

Puerto Rico by night, but mostly, mostly Jake Johnson's no-comply 5-0! Period.

Puerto Rico!

Even if sping seems around the corner, who would refuse a trip to Puerto Rico? Not us, especially with such a rad crew… Great stuff once again, as expected from the GX 1000 crew!

It's sunny in Miami!

A Who’s Who of classy skaters with clips of Danny Renaud confirming his return to health, that’s always neat, but with the smooth and nervous Alex Davis we love, plus Danny Fuenzalida –the most criminally under-rated skater of his generation!– in rare form? We dig!


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