Vincent Touzery

Everybody's tip: "Daydream"

Charles: "Touzery for president!" With Roman as a prime minister? This new SOURCE episode will have something for everybody and is another great work from Ben Chadourne! A nice display of what is happening in (mostly) Parisian streets nowadays…

Deuxième vague!

All Paris, and De Paris in four edits from local film makers, with a bunch of interludes, and the follow-up to Jeux d'Ombres already presented on Live? Can't say no!

Le Vicious Circle

Proof that HD doesn't need Californian blue skies… You knew his "lo def" work through Parisii, but demonstrates here that what matters, first, is what you show, and not the camera you use!

Jeunes Parisiens

This is the new generation growing in Paris, and if we let them open for the premiere of the new Parisii episode, a couple days ago, there is a reason! As a bonus, you will get to see some footage of new New-Yorker Vincent Touzery!


If you don't know who the Blobys are, you haven't been following much of what has been going on in Paris, since that younglings crew from a few years ago has turned into one of the most active, and more visible of the French capitol… And Bidj is their new in-house production, filmed and edited by a first generation Bloby, Hadrien Buhannic.

Parisii XIX

Our Paris visit, orchestrated by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon continues! The XIXth arrondissement on its own, both improbable cultural patchwork and an often heterogeneous mix of classic Paris landscape with already dated modern architecture, would already be the ideal playground, but this edit goes a bit further. This is the first collaboration of the project creators with Matias Elichabehere, a musician whose work you would already know from Minuit, Soleil Levant, or Lenz2… Matias even filmed quite a lot for this, on top of cutting a custom fit soundtrack, offering you a quite special Parisii episode. Enjoy with both eyes and ears!


Things are happening, and indy projects are bursting left and right! This one is aiming from Bordeaux, and Ben Chadourne's brain. One to follow, that's for sure!

Going West!

The French Converse team decides to take less traveled roads, and surprise, surprise, comes back with spots we've never seen before!


Jordan Trahan, goddamit! 5 Boro is the kind of team that can afford that type of "throwaway", and promise on top a new video for soon… That's highly respectable!

Parisii V / VI / VII trailer!

Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon are about to drop the longest episode since the beginning of the adventure, and had prepared that trailer as a surprise for the Parisian premiere of Static IV… These two are locked in their dungeon polishing the last details of the part dedicated to three arrondissements by the Seine, and rich in often famous spots. But this should help you wait for a few more hours!

Café clope

Well, you don't turn ten every other day, and Nozbone, the Parisian shop, is having a ball with this logical follow-up to the great Rendez-Vous, their first full length video from 2009. With the years, the team has evolved, and this time Ludovic Azémar is running the whole show. You know you're in for a hell of a show…

Bon anniversaire!

Next week, we will celebrate ten years of good and hard work from Nozbone skateshop, and to stand their point, they just produce a second video, directed by Ludovic Azémar which should be a nice postcard from the streets of Paris!


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