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Oscar Candon and Michael Mackrodt in Africa: all the good boxes are ticked, right? Well, yeah! The place is slightly exotic, but count on those two to not come back with just a few postcards! This new episode of the Nokia Pureviews production is a fascinating trip coupled with a good dose of heavy skating you will enjoy for sure…

Voyage, voyage

Patrik Wallner has been developing his personal style in a very steady way, for a while, now, in between improbable travels, "forbidden" frontiers and a great documentation of the tourists skating, but he reaches here another level of his art, by telling more than the story of a band of buddies sharing cigarettes through a night in a train that nobody is sure of if it has a destination anymore… An eclectic group, an home-coming story of sorts, incredible skating: it's all here, and if you should show a skateboard video to someone that has no interest in it, well, this is Persian Version you should think of. Nothing else…

Rip it

It is now official, Ashes, Steve Forstner griptape is ON! And they all definitely grip it to rip it, all of them, but could it be that Muki Rustig stole the show in one trick? Or even stranger, is Live a secret Rustig fan society of sorts?


As announced yesterday, here is Salamat, the latest production from Guillaume Périmony, documenting a trip he took to the Philippines, with Joseph Biais, Alex Mizurov, Bastien Duverdier and Michael Mackrodt, long before typhoon Haiyan tragically hit the country. You can read more about, it, here.

Salamat, 5 W's!

Alex Mizurov and Michael Mackrodt announce Salamat, a video about their trip to Manilla, with Bastien Duverdier and Joseph Biais. A while before the Philippines started tragically making the headlines…

Michael Mackrodt, a retrospective (Part 2)

To celebrate a decade of Michi, Element is offering us, and you, an exclusive interview in two parts, with the second one focusing on his present and intensive travels, just like this interview ha gave us yesterday!

Michael Mackrodt, a retrospective (Part 1)

To celebrate a decade of Michi, Element is offering us, and you, an exclusive interview in two parts, with a first one focusing on his formative years, just like this interview we did with him!

I've got the power!

Let’s be frank, there isn’t much going on online today, so if you are really striving for some motivation boost, why not enjoy those “Throwaway” from Michael Mackrodt, from this video, now cut as a single part? That should do! It’s all there: speed, versatility, total absence of non-motivation and amplitude whenever necessary, IE all that made Michi into everybody’s favorite skateboarder!

Jo Peters 5 W’s

Jo Peters speaks, and that’s rare enough, but he also got a gift for you: a few lines to celebrate his new independent project. A Live exclusive!

Best & Worst: Michael Mackrodt

Beware, everybody’s favorite German skater is on his way back!


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