Eric Koston

2 Busted Crew

They back with some unexpected featurings! Recognize all them first go, and win a buzz cut!

C.K. the First

Could it be possible that long (and not that necessary, actually…) quest for the "New Koston" end in 2014? Cory Kennedy looks like he could fit all criteria, including turning the most difficult skateboard maneuvers into jokes!

Summer school (course 2)

Now this is what gets called a "must see" in media, but this time for obvious reasons: this compilation by Manolo of twenty years of Girl skateboards is a thing of beauty! And, without falling into nostalgia at all, let's invite the younger readers to study the first years of the brand and of the edit, most specifically two interesting cases: Keenan Milton, off course, but also Gabriel Rodriguez. Each of their trick is perfectly executed, but most and before all, completely ahead of its time, while being absolutely stylish. Maybe a lesson to ponder?

Koston in Montreuil?

À Propos mag just dedicated an issue to Eric Koston? We went to check it out!

The week-end remix…

All good stuff, already seen, for sure, but nicely put together and getting a new life out of it… Oh, and a schooling on Mike Carrol, at the end, for whoever might not know!



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