Fueling the fire

Now that's one rad little postcard video from the South of Spain! "Fire Island 01" is, rather explicitly, the first skate edit by the eponymous collective of artists (whose activity you can follow on Instagram here), and consists in three minutes of spot shredding in Seville put together in quite the trance-inducing, hypno-fun fashion. Round fisheye vig, potato camera, original soundtrack: the entire recipe of spontaneity and sincerity checks in but hey, let's have Carlos Peraita, the main representative of the Fire Island collective, break it all down to you directly:

"We are a big group of friends, friends of friends, and cousins of friends of friends who all - one way or another - dedicate ourselves to art; no matter if tattoo artists, musicians, filmmakers, architects... What connects all of us together is our love for skateboarding. Through this prism, we mostly organize exhibitions (most notably of photography and painting), parties (live music and DJ's for exhibition openings or at hostel terraces in Seville) and workshops (so far we've had two: one for land art and one for yoga). Of course, over time we couldn't help but start making skate clips too and we just dropped this clip that we had already premiered at our last event, and right now we are right in the editing process of the skate trip to Lisbon we took last month. Hopefully it will all go on, and we'll be doing lots of stuff in the years to come. Next March 14th, we're running the opening of skater / photographer James Munk in Madrid - if anyone reading this finds themselves around there then, just know that there will be loads of fresh beer!" - Carlos Peraita

4 wheel drive

Where Ben Koppl reminds us that skateboarding should necessarily practiced in confined zones while wearing boxfresh luxury shoes, and not even on street furniture that resembles said skateparks. Yep, he is doing it all over the place!


Street monsters!

"Monstro De Rua" is the title of Rémi Luciani aka. Marseille Zoo's latest web edit - you may remember the author from the eponymous video series or, more recently, from "NCE" or perhaps this mixtape of Northern France OG, Hervé Coneim. Well this time, the devil came down to Bordeaux, and it's the shock duo of local Leo Valls with the visiting Brazilian Sergio Santoro that stole the show during the couple of sunny days the filming process lasted. As expected from the pair, the resulting clips are pure street freestyle, occasionally punctuated by solid interventions from Vivien FeilSergio Cadaré (the comeback!) and Arthur Giat.

Best of both worlds!?

Actually the two best of one world, the one we try to skate in…

Keep on slidin'!

A remix of the best appearances of Callum Paul on the three DVD’s of the "Cunnies Box Set", what a great idea! The three videos in question were sublimely filmed and edited by Geoff Campbell between 2010 and 2018, and proposes us a simply incredible casting from Nick Boserio to Tim Williams via Tom Snape. But for now, we can especially notice that to make long slides, the wax is good, but for Callum Paul, approach the ledge at Mach 3 is better!

Eli alert!

We dig Eli, here, you know it, and just love his skating, a rather refined mix of different eras, styles and techniques that can boil up to nugget like like switch hurricanes on tight natural transitions… And he shows up in great form in this, on top of his game, taming whatever surfaces and shapes the streets have waiting for him.

The solution

We know it, Sour is here to work on solving all major world troubles, and their second full-length proves it without a doubt… You know them all, and nobody is here to disappoint, but end of the day, history books will remember the first ever street loop! Hats off, Mister Isaksson…

Oh, yep, we love you, Oscar!

Magenta "Balade" / Meeting... Vivien Feil!

Finally on your screens, for you to watch no sooner than right now, right here: the new Magenta full-length, "Balade", prominently filmed in the United States of America but not exclusively. The resulting mix is a twenty-minute long upbeat edit - perfect to watch before skating - that was put together pretty spontaneously, actually. You know how LIVE works by now: the opportunity was too great not to try and ask the busy Vivien Feil (one of the founding fathers of the brand, besides offspring duties of a more organic type) what's up and surprise, he did manage to find the time to come through with answers aplenty for you to absorb alongside the video, making for a solid package we are stoked to present you today!

Ruff Ryder

Definitely fearless, that Jacopo guy… Or at the least, very not afraid to lose a few layers of skin on the worse surfaces Italian alleyways have to offer… Cobblestone taming might be his real passion.

Blondey alert!

Model, creative, virtual celebrity, one could easily forget the cold facts: Mister McCoy is a bit more than that, and mainly one smooth skater of the streets, even on the roughest NYC grounds, and this new Bronze edit thankfully reminds it to us.

Minimum effort, maximum rendering

Simple and efficient, relaxed to the maximum Ludo Gordon gives us a little technical lesson on some beautiful English spots. Each trick is achieved with maximum precision, for (it looks like) a ridiculous effort. Filmed and edited by Mark Hawkshaw-Burn, we can pretty much feel the influence of Nick Jensen on the young man's skate described in his interview for Grey.


Hotel Blue, Ya Know? If you love New York's tall buildings in the background, flip tricks over fire hydrants, or lines ending between cars on a busy road with the city traffic, you must surely know!


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