Connor Kammerer

Tokyo postcard!

Super 8 mixed with HD, experimental soundtrack: one could think this is a list of clichés to avoid, but the final result will surprise you and sweep you, whatever your tastes might be… Why? Simply because, on top of the skating documented, you will get that special feeling of discovering a new city in between the long push around, the non-spots skated just because they are there, and you are there, and the laughers with friends, just because they are there with you, even if you actually meet for the first time an hour ago.


We had shown you as a Live exclusive the part entirely filmed on roof tops from Tengu, Colin Read's video, and here is the underground version with, once again, a few ideas you probably should not try to replicate, creating a fascinating ode to danger in its realest form…


Fluidity and board control, to the point of giving the impression of ease: this could work as a good definition of Connor Kammerer… We had introduced you to Tengu, God of Mischief, a little while ago, and Colin Read just released this part online, and that should be your long week-end motivator!


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