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With Paul Shier and Nick Jensen at the forefront, and Jacob Harris holding the VX, one could only anticipate the very first video from Isle skateboards, and this trailer for Vase will put a smile on anyone only expecting the best from such a gang!

NESW UK / East / Premiere

An important print project put together by Henry Kingsford –which you know for his Grey work–, NESW is also happening in the form of four edits each starring an area of one of the most dynamic and scrutinized scenes in Europe, for decades now… The second episode focusing on the East of the United Kingdom, is now exclusively on Live, showing sea shore spots under heavy skies and a DIY that would make you wish for rain. Yes, this is truly a seasonal edit, and it is for your eyes only!

My name is Casper

The name Casper Brooker has been on whoever went to London during the past two years lips, and this part shows us why, with his own take on Londonian tricks and architecture. And, if you'd like to learn more about Casper, well, head over to Grey!


If you had been digging, rightfully so, Innocence & Experience, well, here is what wasn't "good" enough to be in there… Considering the caliber of these rejects, one can only rejoice we still get to see them! Plus, the heavy Oscar Candon featuring is a nice touch!


Casper Brooker and Max Geronzi? We're all for it! Now, send them skate spots we don't see enough of, and we can only say: yes!

Old guard

No after-black hammer here, sorry… Then again, Joel O'Connor's line is worth a round or two at the pub, if you ask us! And this is the best part of this edit: the sight of the different London generations sessionning together and influencing each other. Most likely one of the greatest traits of the local scene, and of the whole British scene, from our experience.

Sacred grounds

As the fate of Southbank –the London heart located spot that even the older amongst us have always seen skated– is still uncertain, the locals have been rallying to explain the decision takers what this type of place can represent to the people skating it, and also to all the others.

Heading North!

Actually, let's keep it cold and moisty, by heading to London to check out on the Palace heads and all the usual suspects!


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