Kevin Coakley

Web traffic…

Damn, great news flash: Traffic announcing a new video, and knowing the brand has been adding great younglings recently to the still kicking elders, we can only wait anxiously!

La formula!

Puerto Rico? The Brixton team? Filmed by Ryan Garshell? Where do we sign in!? From the dream destination to the crew of people that can only do good –at least, according to our standards– we couldn't really be deceived, and this should put a smile on your face for the whole week-end! A special mention to Dolan Stearns, but then again, that was expected…

Traffic Update

Best news of this Monday morning: Traffic is back! And the new generation has decided to take upon representing as it should be the art of skating those streets that were not meant to be ripped… And from Brendan Carroll to Yonnie Cruz, they sure are raising the flag high! This should kick start your week, and put you out the door right away…

Soup time!

We had relayed the Boston skateshop, Orchad, video, and now that the parts are coming out one by one, it would be a shame to miss on three minutes of Kevin Coakley, especially when everything is good like that!

heading to Boston!

Many spots that look uneasy, but still tickle your fancy, and a great cast to make them shine: all you want to to see!

Guess who's back?

Since his part in Making Friends With The Color Blue – Blueprint swan song – we had been waiting for the follow-up… He had vanished a bit when the British brand died, and since every glimpse of him had been too short. He was the perfect candidate for the relaunch of Traffic, and he proves it here with three minutes of shitty spots from his area, conquered elegantly, always with the unexpected trick. Kevin Coakley is one classy act…

Boston Represent'!

When you're a real skateshop, you can actually regroup all the city scene for a project, like a video… And it is in Boston, well, that makes for a hell of a casting!

Exile on back streets

Kevin Coakley had been part of the Blueprint exile a little while back, and today he finds a fitting home at Think, while being himself: seeking unlikely spots to tame them with finesse and a good sense of “what would be sick, here?”. Great skating.


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