Felipe Bartolome


The Grey Skate Mag colleagues just put out their newest production, a James Cruickshank work, based around the local Converse team, and therefore allow us to discover a few new faces –including Mike Arnold and his light but powerful foot work– while confirming our interest for Jerome Campbell or Harry Lintell. Add the good homie Dom Henry, and you're in for great, great stuff!

Le Cons Project

Here is a little recap in moving images of the recent Parisian Cons Project that, despite harsh weather, was spent more in the damp cold streets rather than in the workshop! Now that's some motivation!

What's the word? Johannesburg!

South Africa is rarely mentioned when it comes to skateboarding, even when exotic destinations are discussed… Those three did not hesitate to go check out what was going, and if they had ditches over there. One should note Rémy's line on the spot made famous by Dill in Skate More, and the ATV qualities of the young Felipe!
Also, in case you were wondering what inspired the title of this post, you should head over here.


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