Joseph Biais

OG Parisien!

First aiming from the suburbs, like you should! One of the few "old timers" to have never quit or slowed down, and you can tell: smooth!


Ludovic Azémar is back, with the homies, and from the quite rare nowadays Charles Collet to the always street Joseph Biais, he has something for all of us. This is is also for the day Vincent Coupeau will step on his board again, soon!

A brave new world

When Carhartt WIP is going to cross the Atlantic to recruit some new work force, you bet they are going to pick them right… And this trip to Seoul, in between Old Town, and the Future as announced today showcases it perfectly.


Beware: you're in for a laugh or two! Romain Batard is known to be able to convey the explosive side of skateboarding, as well as its hilarious side, the way it is all interlaced in real life. His new full-length is in direct lineage of his precedent pieces, only with a wider spectrum of skaters, due to his recent move to Paris. Rebound confirms also a recent philosophical theory pointing out the fact that in French street skating, Hugo Maillard always steals the show, as he appears to have way more fun than anyone else, while steady killing it. This is gold, Jerry, gold!

Young Tav'!

A nice portrait of one of everybody's favorite Parisian, and a big smile when you see him skate as a child…


The sequel to the Öctagon movie, and the nice skaters keep on turning the Matrix crazy by being free! All in the same parallel creative universe, and that's something to be stoked on, but, let's note the ollie out at the Louvre, attempted by many over the years, to no avail… We recognized Florian Merten as the spot killer, right?

Sunday Night Special

Here is a perfect watch to end a week-end, and maybe put it back in perspective. Here is the Carhartt WIP team back in Mongolia, ten years later. Sure, the line-up has changed, but the country also, and and quite… Where skaters find out that this brave new world is designed for them. More or less.

Deuxième vague!

All Paris, and De Paris in four edits from local film makers, with a bunch of interludes, and the follow-up to Jeux d'Ombres already presented on Live? Can't say no!

À Paris!

Some Berliners (including Malte Spitz) visit Paris and share some spots with the locals, for this De Paris production that announces more to come!

Post gabber!

Should Bram have gotten last trick? Is the hardware market ready for a brand influenced by Dutch dance floors? Is Öctagon the most refined and defined project you can watch these days? So many questions

The skatrix

Shame on us, by not subscribing to the #hypebeast newsletter, we completely missed the release of the new work from Joaquim Bayle, while we had been waiting for it! Because that guy is good at what he does, real good! His crew ain't bad either, from Édouard Depaz to Valentin Bauer. The pitch, real quick: the world might be saved from those bad computers by those uncontrolable skaterboys. No Keeanu Reeves featuring, but a lot of Bram de Cleen, and that matters a lot to us!

The Side Stripe Tour / PREMIERE

As announced, Live Skateboard Media is presenting you –as an exclusive– the video (by Ben Chadourne) of the street side of the recent Vans France tour. From Victor Pellegrin to Nabil Slimani, ripping is a prerogative to that crew, and applied to all terrain! Bordeaux, Albi, or Toulouse, this will show you around many spots you've never seen before, all equally mistreated by the gang!


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