Joseph Biais

The Side Stripe Tour / Galerie

On Monday, we will premiere the latest video from the French Vans Team… To get you amped, in the meantime, here is a photo gallery of their wanderings around France.

naked truth

Nothing beats watching a bare chested line to be reminded that those times are over for quite a bit… And, yet, change to winter time is around the corner! Let's also salute a Valentin Bauer at his best here.

De Paris / Premiere

One year of skating in Paris to flip through: that's the idea behind De Paris, in between almanac and "yearbook"… Tonight is the first time the book will be visible, but if you couldn't book a flight in time, we got you covered: Live is exclusively premiering the part edited by Guillaume Périmony for the launch. Unseen footage only, from locals and friends, and a good idea of the general vibe going on these days in the Parisian streets…

Fuck off, frenchy!

Even if Victor Pellegrin alone is worth a mention here, it is the double "Fuck Off" that filmer Guillaume Périmony gets in one line that is the icing on the cake for us! Not one, two… Wonder if those perfectly dressed Frenchies commented a bit too loudly about the baggy wardrobe of local crackheads. Damn tourists, someone has to keep them in check!


As announced yesterday, here is Salamat, the latest production from Guillaume Périmony, documenting a trip he took to the Philippines, with Joseph Biais, Alex Mizurov, Bastien Duverdier and Michael Mackrodt, long before typhoon Haiyan tragically hit the country. You can read more about, it, here.

Salamat, 5 W's!

Alex Mizurov and Michael Mackrodt announce Salamat, a video about their trip to Manilla, with Bastien Duverdier and Joseph Biais. A while before the Philippines started tragically making the headlines…


The Frenchies from Vans hit the road as often as they can, and who would blame them? This time, they have gone all the way to Land of Americans, and came back with good memories on harsh spots, plus many annoying hashtags for whoever was following them on Instagram during their Oregon adventures.

Our Jojo

This Joseph Biais' part is surely his best one to date, and also announces "J'aime les Filles", the soon to come full length from Guillaume Périmony. This is only good news! We'll keep you updated, and meanwhile, enjoy Joseph's versatility!

Focus / Joseph Biais

Our fourth Focus goes to our favorite Versailles loc! Another Live Skateboard Media exclusive video and interview…

Back to Poland

We had questioned Joseph Biais on his polish times… Seems like his Vans colleagues had paid their visit, then, also. Some sick spots, and some great moments on wheels, including Joseph accidental trick!

Megamix, is now live!

The most LOL video out of France this year is now online! Get ready for your dose of Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Joseph Biais, Oscar Candon, Hugo Maillard and many more!

Flash-back : Vans en Croatie

As the video of their adventures just went online, let’s chat with two of the happy travelers, Valentin Bauer and Ben Delaboulaye, and discuss the reality of camping through Europe. Summer seems far away today, but we just had to put them on the subject to get the memories rolling! Good and bad!


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