Pierre Bonnafé is a youngster from Montpellier, France where he most notably represents Five-O Skateshop, a longtime local institution duly refering to its activity as "independent skateboarding militancy since 1997". The last two of those pre-quarantine years, Pierre spent most week-ends of them earning a bunch of clips here and there around Montpellier, Lyon et Nice "in between classes [laughs]", and it's only once locked down that he could finally focus on cooking all said ingredients together into once recipe. Some handrail and ledge prowess in there, as well as some LIVE regulars in the list of contributing filmers, including Odran Fernandez and Bastien Regeste.

Trust In Dustin

Volcom, in addition to trying and get you to trump quarantine via the viewing of the near entirety of the catalogue of their productions with Veeco (for the most curious), recently gathered its roster aka. Simon Bannerot, C.J. Collins, Dustin Dollin, Victor Pellegrin, Eniz Fazliov, Jorge Simoes, Harry Lintell and Noah Mahieu in Paris for some skate tourism; an occasion to witness some new lines at classic spots, but also some ballsy maneuvers at more obscure ones.

Filharmonia Skateboarding / LEEF STORY / Krzysztof Poskrobko / INTERVIEW

As choke-full of odds as it essentially is, the world most often turns out to be an unfair place, especially when it comes to recognizing the labor of people who coincidentally weren't born into some "hot spot", regularly discouraging their efforts - if not their ambition. Consequently, for those, another way of channeling their drive is by refocusing on what really matters: the cultural transmission, and not just certain material means only best employed towards it realization, when it all comes down to it.
If Poland-based Krzysztof Poskrobko's brand Filharmonia officially announced its retirement just a few months back and was brought to our attention just a bit too late by his first name and filming session companion Krzysztof Godek (interviewed here - and the man has been dropping parts from the Repeat video "IF YOU DON'T SKATE, DON'T START" weekly on his YouTube channel as of late, here), sometimes also cruelly, pure skateboarding is timeless and to this day, the fact stands that the Filharmonia full-length productions "LEEF STORY" and its predecessor "LLUF SONG" are impeccable works.
Comparably to other independent productions such as Nikola Racan's "SOLSTICIJ" or the equally Polish Couch Raiders' "CONNECTIONS", they are the result of not just filming sessions but full-on thought processes and personal evolution of the author throughout a timespan of several years spent traveling the world and maturing, skateboard under the feet, camera in hand and a vision in mind.
Krzysztof's sharp eye for detail, good taste and cinematic atmosphere only perspires through those works as much as the strength of his motivation, so it was no surprise when after we first got in touch with him to be recounted his "LEEF STORY", the words we heard back turned out to be pretty heartfelt. Make sure not to miss "LLUF SONG", below!


An almost nostalgic look at simpler times when the only crucial questions were "Are you on the ist for tonight's Fashion Week party!?" and "Is it dry yet!?"… Yes, it was winter in Paris, but life was lighter, most notably for the Pop collega's! That even had a few new heads with them to introduce to the world…

Head Lamp

No LIVE regular should need an introduction to Texas-based filmmaker Eric Nguyen anymore by now - the man is just as prolific as gifted with the Sony VX-1000, we've interviewed him before and due to their quality, it's only natural that his successive works (oftentimes associated to local skateshop Selectconsequently punctuate our news feed.

Today, his new montage "HEAD LAMP" is looking bright under many an aspect, and it's a rough dozen of homies whose feats are getting peppered here in there onto its progression. Worth remarking, Ben Havran is still killing the game, without a pause and that's since the recent release of an epic part in the latest Select skateshop tenth anniversary video.

And this same day, the same Ben Havran happens to be delivering even more footage in the new web clip courtesy of Steve Fletch's company LIVE has introduced you to before, too: Dead On Arrival, alongside a bunch of other familiar heads. Eric seems to be just as ubiquitous, doubling up with a contributor to this one's timeline as well... Mere coincidence, or organized crime? Up for you to decide.

Rios alert!

One just doesn't keep the RIOS crew locked in easily and, in spite of the cancellation of the Paris premiere of their new video "TOLÓ 2" (amongst other features and festivities), here they are still sharing a bite via Quartersnacks. And said portion is no joke quality-wise as it happens to be from the lion's share: we're talking Victor Turcsik's section, which is somehow even greater than his latest solo web clip (and may we also provide a link to Attila Fehér's contemporary Vienna clip while we're at it).

Viktor's approach to barely-spots is sharper than ever, with some improbable violence on wallride variations and against the friction of many an unpractical surface. Meanwhile, Bence Bálint hereby signs some of his finest production work to date, which only leaves us hyped for the full video!

Magenta welcomes Shogo Zama

Twenty twenty as a year already marks one decade of existence for Magenta Skateboards, an original initiative by the Feil brotherhood (Jean and Vivien) and Soy Panday; now, as though to celebrate this anniversary, they're inviting Japanese style master Shogo Zama onto the team. The video announcement, entirely composed in Paris, is the work of Romain Batard, and Vivien, Soy, Glen Fox as well as Ruben Spelta also pay their dues, dotting the timeline with remarkable appearances.

As bonus - and in our best attempt at not letting this one slip through the cracks in spite of the currently merciless pace of video releases - here is the new full-length video "VESTIGES" by Eric Mertz (the independent filmmaker behind "PORTALS" LIVE interviewed a while back here), a Strasbourg-based production in which Soy and Vivien, amongst many others, can be spotted performing more magic tricks amidst a twenty-minute-long, artfully crafted universe.

Flight 714 for Jakarta

Malacca is a brand bound to subvert some expectations, as it's not from the eponymous city in Malaysia but from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.

The country altogether has a strong scene, yet not many productions get seen overseas, most notably due to the language barrier possibly complicating the process of looking them up. But here, that very wrong is fixed, and masterfully, too, "MALACCA 2020" is a straight shooter that ticks all the right boxes: creative VX-1000 manipulation, inspired and precise editing, a variety of styles and unique-looking spots, a lot of them on the crazy side (such as that driveway into traffic), all packed together in one nine-minute-strong uppercut.

Malacca first and foremost consists in four longtime skaters with the Malaka Sari spot as their common denominator - and the name also doubles up as a reference to the local Malacca tree. Since the inception of the brand last year, Rayis Bisyir has been handling everything video production (all the while his brother Syiddik and their friend Sean Sebastian take care of the business side), and Adhi the graphics; their drive is to "bring their take on Nusantarian aesthetics onto the scene"Deo NashdraRendy AldiansyahAldy Renaldy and Dio Satriangga happen to represent that heritage on wheels.

Soundtrack is also home-made, by Danger Dope.

As passionate as they are, the crew also sent us a selection of photography by Ekoy SatriaHaydr SuhardyUnder-G and Didi, featured as a gallery on this page.

In order to stay in touch with the Indonesian skate scene, LIVE suggests that you follow Canister Skateboard Zine, operated out of Malang by Ari Ck since late 2014; Malacca would also advise the more local Pavement Mag, as well as Wonder Skateboarding.

"Real shit outta streets" alert!

Couch Raiders isn't too much of an abstract concept to grasp, and the honestly-named crew is originally from Poland, orchestrated by Michał Buśko who has now been living in Manchester, U.K. for three years and counting. Just as straightforward, the title of his full-length video: "CONNECTIONS", a Half a Brain production, proves to sound sincere, as said video is the result of four hectic years spent traveling and filming all over a big chunk of ye Olde Continent.

Most of the clips were collected in the U.K., notably in Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Halifax, Huddersfield and London in between various smaller towns with their own respective shares of obscure spots (fans of the style will appreciate), but the timeline is also punctuated with Budapest, Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona footage and as far as Michał's home country of Poland is concerned, Warsaw, Gdansk, Kielce and Krakow are the featured ambassadors.

If all that doesn't perspire VX-2100-mounted dedication already (with an efficiently modded fish-eye to boot), to the point where eventually finalizing the project possibly saved the author's marriage, and regardless of how immaculate the quality of the product turned out to be (complete from the technical production standpoint to the emanating energy), hinting at a genuine passion for skateboarding from Michał, the most grand thing about "CONNECTIONS" has to be how it's just the coincidental tip of the iceberg of said passion. Fully embracing that his place is on the streets, camera in hand, Michał describes Couch Raiders as a collective of skateboarders over a brand and in addition to his personal time, it's his personal money that he is constantly investing into the sponsoring, plane tickets and per diems of the people he likes to film, as though to convey his illumination over to new generations and plant seeds, all the while materializing his vision.

That is to say, one would be hard pressed to find a more authentic product. Obviously, by nature, skateboarding-wise, the whole hour-long video consists in a remarkably wide variety of styles and spots, and the amount of focus spent on its creation shows in the quality of the production. Today, LIVE is introducing you to the full video, divided into sections under the form of a YouTube playlist; although, it is encouraged that you consider supporting Michał's efforts and purchasing the material object from here!

And since the man obviously isn't the kind to call it quits, stay tuned for a new clip by Michał on LIVE, soon!


As though to make Philly rhyme with Italy that much better, the Sabotage Productions crew (no strangers to the LIVE squad) recently went to apply a certain science of ledge skating refined by many a generation of their ancestors to the marble structures of Milan, in order to check how universally their traditional knowledge would apply. Although a heavy one, the "Photosynthesis" heritage hereby proves to be tax-free as far as exportation is concerned, and the crew's destination looked like a mere playground to them.

Jahmir BrownTyler DietterichJuan AlgoraKevin Bilyeu and Dylan Sourbeer are all in, strong of their usual vintage tech and sharp nollie flips, whilst Brian Panebianco handles the production as brillantly as he never fails to and, once again, the whole story's M.V.P. turns out to be Joey O'Brien with his sheer power, infinite lines and his name in big on the poster of a well-deserved last part, in which he ollies a river with a style reminiscent of Jeremy Wray, amongst other tasteful intricacies. Milan hadn't known a worse sabotage since that Po oil spill.

Senses working overtime

"OVERTIME" is a new H.D. edit meticulously crafted by Adam Todhunter, consisting in just short of eight minutes of mostly British, sometimes Scottish cobblestone overcome by throbbing lines courtesy of some of the most exquisite crème de la crème of the local scene... and beyond - as alongside the stylish Tom DelionDom HenryKeanu Robson (himself quite the interesting filmmaker - try and catch a glimpse of "HAWAIIAN PEEL") and Conor Charleson amongst many others, Shinpei Ueno - boss of the Japanese production crew Tightbooth - also makes some remarkable appearances.

The whole piece was mostly filmed in London over the course of last summer, but also on the occasional mission to Manchester, Stockport and Glasgow; it's hosted courtesy of the homies over at Free Skate Mag, used by Vague Skate Mag as the occasion to catch up with Shinpei for an interview in their latest issue, and only confirms that the incredible energy the U.K. scene is timelessly renowned for still runs oh-so-strong to this day, one of a now clearly universal skateboarding. Regardless of the time of day, and number of hours logged - too much work is never a thing when it comes to conveying such a spark.

Kinky S.F.

Five minutes of H.D. S.F. footage is exactly what Kyle Madden came up with with "KINK" (which completely falls in line with his footage contributions to the latest Science Skateboards video), featuring a variety of local underdogs including LIVE favorite Bobby Groves and a solid crew in general. Embarco as a skate Mecca is still alive in 2020 it seems, the styles are as varied as the rest of the spots and apparently it's not over yet, since Kyle assures us that he's constantly filming - so, expect more stuff on the way!


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