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If LIVE insists on shining light on Costume, the home brand of Manaus O.G.: Adonis Perfeito, and its consistent output of video productions so much, it is first and foremost because the man behind all of this is one passionate worker with no real reason for stopping (as this list of past works testifies). Today, we're talking about a teaser edit doubling up as an announcement to the world of the upcoming release of the Costume full-length video "INFERNO VERDE", sometime in the year twenty twenty; "FAKE NEWS" is the title of said short, and Brasilian platform Black Media its original broadcaster. Prepare for your jaw to drop on the dance floor out of all floors, for the span of five minutes of crispy VX-1000 on crusty, colorful spots featuring many a favorite of ours. Whatever's next is looking bright, for sure!


You favorite street theoricians are back, led by Josh Stewart and his fearless no-comply! Pretty much everybody is in here, even the least expected one, and everybody's got something to add!

And now my teardrops start...

Just some weeks ago, LIVE was introducing you to "MONO WEST TOKYO #2": a very solid VX-1000 edit straight out of the notoriously effervescent capital of Japan. Well, one has to give it to those guys that they do live up to such local reputation since today, we're already all the way up to "MONO WEST TOKYO #7" - the crew's YouTube channel being fed with new videos several times a month, from the looks of it and very frankly, all of them vibrating of the same positive energy within, smooth urban skateboarding, quality soundtracks and overall impeccable production, no one's going to complain! Anyway, this new chapter in the Mono saga consists - maybe more than ever - in a kaleidoscope of individual underground stylistic talents, with surprising moves aplenty for each - signifying that them guys are well in place already - with even a handful of S.F. clips thrown into the mix. Also worth mentioning: they just recently launched their own Instagram feed, for those willing to keep track of their adventures and general activity, which we surely hope you are!

Bluntman Jr.

Except for his few appearances in front of Grant Dawson’s camera, Sam Sitayeb has been very discreet since his last real part in the Yardsale video. Yet, he has one of the most unique and striking styles the team comprises.

Tokyo semester recap

Kenta Okamoto, the man already behind the imminent full-length video "PALE", the trailer for which LIVE recently shared, is back today with a new edit of his: "2020年上半期の思い出", a compilation of his favorite "memories from the first semester of the year twenty twenty", as the literal translation of the title gives away. Although a couple of clips from that trailer have been reused, for the most part we're gifted with new lines aplenty, again orchestrated to a dreamy soundtrack, as though to better put you in skate trance before you even get to step on your board today - hopefully at night, too, and in and around Tokyo, if you're amongst the luckiest!

World War Three

Dead On Arrival perpetuates its tradition of a faultless series of video productions with "WORLD WAR THREE" - seven-and-a-half minutes packed with editing references aplenty (for those in the know) and, most crucially, some hard-hitting VX-1000, documenting urban prowess courtesy of the entire team. And as the credits roll too early, one can be delighted - but not surprised - that on the other side of the lens, the likes of Stephen BuggicaEric Nguyen and Ryan Flores were involved! Regarding the war, no one knows for certain yet, but as far as the battle goes, this edit is quite the undisputed victory...

Heitor's country life…

Heitor Da Silva and a mini ramp, need we really say more? A small demonstration of style and nonchalance in company of the talented Charlie Birch, who had already shown us his ease on transition with the Yardsale video at Mwadlands.

We'll put this little historical bonus here

Freedom, consciousness, unity

'tis how one translates the title of this new video from Crail Trucks, a Brazilian brand strong of three decades of local operation; and what's new, behind the wheel of the production, one can also be delighted to find the duo of Luis Moschioni and Cotinz (the man behind the independent video "DOPPELGANGER", interviewed about said piece here); quite the quality seal, and a commitment so strong they also appear to be the M.V.P.'s from the other side of the camera, having gotten quite the collection of remarkable footage. What was supposed to be a more ambitious production eventually had to be summed up into an eight-minute capsule, due to the introduction of Covid-19 into the worldwide equation; no biggie here though as far as the impact is concerned - as in terms of originality, styles and landscapes, this edit packs quite the punch!

Fashionable frogs!

Even after these few years following them, it's still hard to figure out what they do (skateboarding, I think). But whatever it is, I fail to see who does it better! Every time Chris Milic's frog gang pops up, we can expect to be pleased with an impressive collection of tricks, mostly on two wheels. Not to mention the fact that we may hold the slappy of the year here. In any case, as for fashion week, we hope many new editions will happen soon.

Magenta is ten!

With the year twenty twenty comes, amongst many other complete revolutions, the tenth anniversary of France's top plank (and general qualitative artefact) purveyors: Magenta Skateboards, and of their progressive - under every sense of the term - contribution to skateboarding's ever-so-new world order, like a happenstance cultural coup d'état that would have taken the whole past decade by storm. Still the brainchild of Paris-based artist Soy Panday and of brotherly duo Vivien and Jean Feil, Magenta just marked the occasion by appropriately dropping an anniversary-themed capsule (first come, first serve), and also by catching up with Sylvain Robineau again for the span of this short film: "STILL IN BUSINESS", featuring a cast of family members. You might remember Sylvain's works: "WHICH IS TO BE THE MASTER?" and "PARISIEN", amongst many other personal pieces one can retrace the existence of on Dailymotion, for instance.

Also on the menu, and the cake atop of the cherry: this "10 YEARS MIXTAPE" consisting in, well, a sugar-filled recap of the brand's video offering ever since its inception, cooked by Manolo's Tapes, complemented by an exclusive article on the Magenta website here, and even by a brand new Soy Panday interview by Matt Broadley for Parade World, here - all as to better get you ready for the next decade to come!

A.T. Kb

The elusive Montpellier, France-based Disquette Clubalready strong of quite a few strong edits ("TRUNKIL", "DEUX FOIS CENT"), is back in your floppy drive today with this new montage that conveys a strong homie vibe, as well as a few classic ATK tracks - tucked away in a secret folder. The name is "CHACAL" and the clip is dedicated to "all the wild ones devouring the asphalt", for the span of five minutes of local skateboarding and various mischief makin'.


The legacy of video productions courtesy of Australian brand Butter Goods only leads one to expect la crème de la crème with every new edit of theirs and this one: "EXPANSIONS", holds up to our fanciest expectations in terms of quality and then some - again. This time, Quentin Guthrie and Ethan de Lacy are the pilots of the Sony VX-1000 (in between the capturing of analog atmosphere shots that eventually complement the skating very well), Italy is where it all went down, and one is granted the delight of lots of new Casey Foley footage, most notably; that's in between the likes of the ever-so-efficient Ben Gore and Philly Santosuosso, and even a pristine-looking Morgan Campbelltwenty-one years after Misled Youth!


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