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Mo' cruise, mo' fun!

Well, they are quite on it these days, at Magenta, aren't they!? One could not complain about it, especially when they offer us a juicy bonus to their recent Just Cruise… They all here, on their home turf of Bordeaux, and this does not tickle your fancy, well, we don't know what could!

Valls alert!

You have been following Julien Januszkiewicz since 2013, just like us, and you most likely have not missed his recent Bordeaux Exposure 2, but this compilation of Léo Valls, and friends, very best is a great way to get in the mood to get out out and push (and more) real fast in those streets!

Bordeaux Exposure 2 / PREMIERE

We introduced you to Julien Januszkiewicz in 2013, for the release of his full-length, Bordeaux Exposure, a tour around Bordeaux the city that was his home then. Since, Julien has not slowed down one bit, in between a new life in Switzerland, a full-time "real" job, family lie and many trips. One thing that hasn't changed: his love for Bordeaux. No surprise, Julien is back with Bordeaux Exposure II, but from San Francisco to Geneva, Montpellier to Lyon, he mixes scenes while keeping his guiding line, inspired by the 90's videos he grew up on. Brace yourselves for street exploration through lines and crew sessions, with Bordeaux Exposure II, as a LIVE exclusive for three days. Thank you for the New Year's gift, Julien!

Cruise control!

The new Magenta production is out there, and as an appetizer, here is an alternate edit of Leo Valls part, fusing flow and funk! Off course, Zach Chamberlain is behind the lens, and Leo has been in rare form these days. Stay tuned for his upcoming LIVE part, and a surprise on Tuesday… That's what's up.

Bordeaux Exposure 2

You most likely remember  Bordeaux Exposure, that came out as a LIVE exclusive in 2013? Well, Julien Januszkiewicz is announcing the follow-up for this inter! With this time parts from San Francisco, Montpellier, Geneva and further! Stay tuned for that one!

Marseille Zoo!

Straight Outta Mars! The previous Marseille Zoo episodes were pretty tight, and this one looks like it will be a step up! One of the most "underground" cities in France is rising up, and it is a nice sight!

PLUS / Bordeaux / Premiere

The "PLUS" episodes tell the adventures of a little crew of friends, coming from the town of Nancy, and now known as "The Roomies" in the streets of Paris. Yes, they more or less live all together, to the point they even go on group holidays. A "PLUS" is an edit, filmed and cut by Victor Demonte, sharing those few days spent here or there, and the skating shared with the locals that hosted them.

Sure feet

The strong point of Masaki's skating is the absolute confidence he puts in his tricks, from the use at high speed of any little thing sticking out of the street, or ollie-ing to land through the width of the door of a firmly planted fence. Power!


Charles' tip: ***POSTCARD 3***

"This postcard comes from Bordeaux, and will get you stoked, snow or not… You can't get more 90's than that!"

Golden City / coming soon!

This Friday, ABX PROD will present their new video, Golden City, in Bordeaux, with many more things to check out or do that evening. So, get there if you can, and if not, fear not, we will PREMIERE Golden City this week-end. Stay tuned!


Many would not know –and during some times, even the locals seemed to deny the fact– but Marseille is full of downhill streets, and therefore of the spots that come with that type of landscape… The youth of today have acknowledged it, and are ready to enjoy it, here with a little help from their visiting Bordeaux homies. Yep, the youth have got skateboarding figured out…

Karma 2

Ah, Marseille… Multicultural city if there was ever one, and home base of a skate scene that is actually a puzzle of totally different ones, meaning there is always something about to give! For the foreigners, 21 skatehop is now gone, but for a while was the social center for all the kids that hang out in those streets, and this video is the definite proof; spots you've never seen before, buddies skating them all with their own style, and a mood that will make you crave to be part of the session… This should get you amped for the whole summer, seriously!


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